The Top Ten Stocks for April 23

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April 23 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Matt Miller and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks including Elizabeth Arden, Yum! Brands and Apple. (Source: Bloomberg)

Two percent.

-- number 10, facebook, down two percent.

Keep it right here for the very latest when earnings come out after the bout.

Number nine is netflix, down four percent.

An exclusive deal with amazon prime and hbo.

They are expanding their service to france.

This holster or eight, -- this whole story -- the ceo says he expect to expand to at least two more european countries by this year.

What is taking him so long?

It is so frustrating.

Annoying, it has been years.

Number eight is amgen.

First-quarter sales came in lower than expected.

Coming up on number seven is at&t, down three percent, investors are shying away as customers are opting to pay full price for smartphones.

Number six is amazon, down one percent.

It will be adding hbo to its online streaming service amazon prime.

I know i heard it from jon erlichman.

I just set it 15 seconds ago.

-- i just said it 15 seconds ago.

I am from maryland and i have never seen "the wire." previous seasons will arrive three years after airing.

None of the good ones.

The old ones and the bad ones . number five, starbucks is up about one percent and soda stream is up over 10%. this has been talked about before, but this is the latest report.

Moving on to number four, it is boeing.

First-quarter profits beat estimates.

New orders totaling $19 billion.

Number three is a elizabeth arden, almost -- up almost 12.5%. it is said to be considering a bid.

Lg looks to buy more rivals.

Number two is yum brands.

First-quarter profits that rose 18%. sales in china, that is what people have been watching, rebounded.

It expects to open 700 new restaurants in asia.

Ok, number one stock of the day.

We are talking about apple, down one percent.

Shares have seen a five percent decrease on that a slowdown in the smart phone and tablet market.

Stay with street smart for all of apple's earnings coming up in a few minutes.

Here we are at the close of

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