The Top Ten Stocks for April 22

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April 22 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Matt Miller, Julie Hyman and Cristina Alesci report on today's ten most important stocks including Citigroup, Medidata Solutions and Netflix. (Source: Bloomberg)

Harley davidson, up nearly 7%. the poikmaker reducing the most in more -- i should say rising, most in more than two years.

The company reported first quarter profits with analyst stills of sales of their bikes increased and they expect to ship 284,000 hogs worldwide this year.

Reducing, rising, what's the difference?

Allergan is rising, i think we can fairly say, up more than 10%, valaen pharmaceuticals offered to buy them at $47 billion.

Pershing square builds hackman company.

Linkedin, down slightly.

They've agreed to fully leasing a san francisco sky escaper, -- skyscraper.

The property includes 450,000 square feet and has more than 2,200 square feet for retail space.

Number seven is canadian solar, up 10%, the best performing solarmaker in the past year, solar panelmaker the past year won a contract to supply 43 mega watts of modules to japan's second largest ever solar project.

Deliveries begin next month.

No terms of the deal were disclosed.

Number six, rent-a-center is up, beating earnings estimates.

They said they'll consol daylight 150 stores by -- consolidate 150 stores.

Comcast, the cable operators, announced the number of subscribers rose for the second straight quarter.

The company added 24,000 customers to the quarter, this defying the trend of losing tv subscribers.

Comcast may grow bigger if the time-warner cable merger is approved.

I don't buy that as a longer term trend.

Subscription is growing?

Of course not.

The cable subscription.

They'll buy every company and then charge whatever they want for almost nothing.

Maybe they'll buy aereo.

If you can't beat them, maybe they'll buy them up.

There's no anti-trust laws in the country so maybe they could.

Mcdonald's is down slightly, the world's largest fast food chain posted falling sales and first quarter profits that trailed estimates.

The company expects global store sales to be moderately popular in april as it saw the smallest drop in sales in five months in march.

The world will not get any healthier.

Number three is citigroup up half a percent, the third largest u.s. lender is said to be seeking bidders for 50 branches in california, according to the three people involved in the process.

The offices could sell for more than $100 million.

The cremplet c.e.o. michael corbat is trimming outlets in the u.s. and abroad as it turns his focus to 150 cities.

Medadata, posting first quarter numbers that trail estimates and came in at a report of $76.6 million, lower than the analysts' estimates of $79.7 million.

Very specific of you to break those down.

I like to be specific.

I have my glasses on.

I did notice you have those glasses on.

Our number one stock is netflix, up 6%. netflix says it plans to raise the prices for its video streaming by $1 to $2 for new customers.

The c.e.o. says existing users are locked in at their current price for another one to two years.

We made it before the close.


We made it before the closing bell you're saying.


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