The Top Ten Stocks for April 2

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April 2 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Alix Steel and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks including Wells Fargo, Microsoft and Amazon. (Source: Bloomberg)

10, general motors up today 1%. the ceo testifying again in washington today to address the faulty ignition switch problems in the company vehicles.

-- in the company's vehicles.

One senator said that they are responsible for "a culture of coverups." nonetheless, investors have not reacted.

Number nine is productada.

Slowing sales growth amid a soft europe and emerging chinese market.

A long-term outlook remains strong and they plan to open 100 20 new stores.

Blackstone down 1% in talks to sell off six of the boston office properties for a total of $2.5 billion according to someone familiar with the negotiation.

Monsanto up 1% as second-quarter topping estimates.

They will ramp up sales of a genetically engineered soybean as crops push the number higher.

T-mobile and blackberry are both fire.

They will not renew the contract with t-mobile after they encouraged customers to switch from blackberry to the apple iphone.


Mcdonald's down slightly as two former managers have come out and said they help withhold employee wages in order to keep costs down.

They engaged in tactics such as adding unpaid breaks.

It's important to note that they are 80% franchisees who have to run their own business.

What's been interesting here is the star, as you saw, not really react in today.

It's not having that much of a negative reaction from this lawsuit, the talk about potential labor abuses.

There is more of a concern about if sales are flagging and if they are having problems.

What happens when they are forced to pay that overtime?

Do they see their hours scaled-back?

These small-business owners, these franchise owners, that's exactly what they did.

They make $2.7 million per store, a half the number, but the growth is what we are not seeing.

Where else can you find money if you cannot have the innovative product?

Asos is up and they plan to more than triple its revenue the revenue of $4.2 billion in sales.

They have increased consumption at the warehouses.

In the management saw full -- shuffle, analysts are viewing the move as a play by wells fargo to groom a possible ceo.

Number two, announcing a new windows phone with 8.1 software and microsoft introducing voice control digital assistants.

Apple syria and more.

Coming up, the number one stock of the day.

Announcing the talk.

It will be powered by android.

The box is available today and the price is $99. another day, another record.

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