The Top Tech Gifts to Trade-In This Holiday Season

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Dec. 13 (Bloomberg) –- Gazelle CEO Israel Ganot discusses the business of “re-commerce” and what happens to your old gadgets. He speaks with Adam Johnson and Alix Steel on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Do you want cash for your old iphone?

This company will buy your old equipment and fix it up and sell it on ebay.

The business is up 74% this holiday season.

We are joined by the ceo of gazelle.

What is selling the most right now?

We see a lot innovation in the marketplace this holiday season of stop google have a phone.

The number one item that people want for the holidays is an ipad.

Our customers tend to sell whatever they have in the house and whatever is lying around.

They are selling old iphones, old ipads.

They want to buy new gifts for the holidays.

After you get your new ipad and iphone, that is when we see significant growth in the customers who have old in the house and trading it in.

After the holidays?

We see both.

After the holidays and before the holidays.

We have a lot of new gifts and they're coming to gazelle.

What is different from say five's trade-in program?

-- best buy's trade-in program?

There are some big differences.

You have to sign a contract.

There is no contract here.

You get a credit for the purchase.

If you get the ipad as a gift over the holidays, you do not have to sign a new contract.

That is a great option because we get the cash.

The new iphones they came out, i imagine you are selling that people are selling you the old iphones.

Is that right?


We saw a lot of iphone 5s. just a week and get a sense of this thing.

My phone is less than a year old.

It is in good shape.

What can i get for a phone like that?

Everything has value.

And $80? you could get over $200 for that.

Even with the crack in the glass?

It is driven by demand in the marketplace.

Who will buy it and for how much?

Frankly, this product will end up in china.

Someone will pay hundreds of dollars for because the only comparison point they have in china is to buy new for $1000. people in the u.s. sell the product to you and your end-user demand is in china, not the u.s.. at walmart, you can buy an iphone 54 $129. you wonder why you would spend more money for something that is the same?

In other countries, you cannot buy it for that price.

It is geographic arbitrage.

That is what you are doing here.

We're moving product from where the innovation occurred.

We are moving into where the late adopters are.

Don't people want the new, sexy product?

Not at that price range.

Only to -- 2% or 3% of the population can afford it.

And iphone 5 would probably cost 300-400 dollars.

You did a survey, why don't you give me the $200? tell us about your survey.

There it is, some of the results of the survey.

The number one product that people want for the holidays is a tablet.

They want an ipad.

39%, followed by a laptop or desktop.

The growth in tablets will be a

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