The Top Stocks to Watch in Asia Today

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May 19 (Bloomberg) –- In today’s “Stock Exchange,” Bloomberg’s Mia Saini and John Dawson discuss today’s top stocks to watch in Asia on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Welcome to the stock exchange.

We are taking a look ahead to the open in japan, south korea, and australia.

Our reporters are here to tell us which stocks we are keeping an ion.

There's usually two of us.

I'm cheating.

I'm watching three stocks.

They are both supermarket chains now.

He is said to the listing both of these.

They are going to put them in a cold in company.

It will be formed by the spring of 2015. it will then the list is essentially by having the three supermarkets under one umbrella.

They will be able to leverage skills.

They're going to hold 70%. these three stocks are expected to move.

This fell 30%. it closed five percent.

It impacts the cigarettes.

This is the richest company.

It has significantly outperformed of a .5% this year.

It has been taken in the months before this increase.

It was down 3.5%. there are currently 20 buys.

Eva dimensions where there.

It is underway.

More buys.

It is a egg drop.

We'll be watching this.

Interesting tidbits.

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