The Top Stocks to Watch in Asia Today

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Aug. 11 (Bloomberg) –- In today’s “Stock Exchange,” Bloomberg’s Zeb Eckert and David Ingles discuss today’s top stocks to watch in Asia on “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Welcome to the stock exchange.

We are taking a look ahead to the opens in japan, south korea, and australia.

Our reporters are here to tell us what stocks to keep an eye on.

No stunt doubles today.

We have the real ones.

[laughter] that was a good one.

Back in japan, down, down, down.

Earnings were out on friday, very impressive.

Sales and trading profit, net income up 14 times.

The company, property-based.

It developed and rents commercial buildings and real estate buildings.

It also operates golf resorts.

Pretty relaxing places.

They are looking at one of their projects in japan.

You should go visit.

We should go on a golf weekend.

For research.

I could learn how to play.

I will drive the cart.

What have you got?

I'm going to talk about silicon wafer's. a major player in the semiconductor business.

It manufactures way for -- wafe rs.

Beating estimates.

Sales and profits ahead of expectations.

Shares are up about 12% over the past year.

The stock year to date has seen a bit of downside with market moves to the downside we've seen generally in tokyo.

This is one to watch as japan gets underway.

Of course, another thing we are watching, treasury wines.

That was going to be one of your picks last week.

A rival bid.

$5.20 a share, i think.

It is interesting they didn't

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