The Top Stocks to Watch in Asia Today

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July 14 (Bloomberg) –- In today’s “Stock Exchange,” Bloomberg’s Zeb Eckert and David Ingles discuss today’s top stocks to watch in Asia on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Welcome to the stock exchange.

Our intrepid reporters are here to tell us what stocks they're keeping an eye on.

Ring ring.

It is softbank.

There is a report out of the nikkei newspaper this morning that this deal will that would put together sprint and t-mobile, the third and fourth largest mobile providers in europe could be -- in america could be nearing.

A basic agreement to acquire t-mobile through sprint has been reached.

We are looking at softbank getting in and buying more than 50% of t-mobile stale -- shares.

It is not new, but it is the latest step.

It could be a mover.

All right, jeff, what have you got?

This is a unit of -- the stock is up 87% year to date.

On friday, the obama administration late last week handed down steel import duties on hysco and other korean steel.

The issue is dumping.

They say that this unfairly impacted u.s. steel.

They say the pipe was sold at low cost.

The commerce says this was in violation of international trade rules.

How much are they being find?

50.75% import duties on steel pipe that they sold to the u.s.. it is a pretty big import tariff.

Qwest investors will be watching

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