The Top Market Moves for Sept. 16

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Sept. 16 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Roundup," Adam Johnson, Trish Regan, Julie Hyman and Olivia Sterns wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

There are a couple things going on.

There is the momentum play here.

Falling below its 200-day moving average.

There is also the pessimism surrounding the latest offering.

Pretty soon we'll get real numbers.

How many of these things are selling?

Preorders are starting.

Some analysts are surmising, you will get your new iphone quickly.

Remember, the demand demand is not as good.

Remember, the last time they came out with the new iphone there were delays because so many people wanted them.

So not necessarily happening right now.

We saw with home builders -- anything interest rate sensitive, basically.

Yet, you know, it is going to be curious to see if just that suggestion really the whole panel earlier.

She might not be quite as dovish as everyone thinks.

Andrew kane betting on the dollar for that reason.

He also said, don't go against the u.s. dollar.

We're in an economic envirpte that is increasingly better.

Hopefully, it suggests points that she may not be as bearish as people think.

We may be going into a period when she can pull back on q.e. and maybe at some point -- what i thought was interesting, too, is even if you get foreign guidance from the fed, and no matter what the fed says, people will still be watching the data, and they will be trying to trade the fed via the data, even despite what the fed has said.

They sure will be.

Let's get to another company today.

That is netflix.

The key to success, just like what the teens are doing.

Netflix said in a recent interview, with the purchase of siri, what is on piracy sites.

The company decides what is being purchased on piracy sites -- decides what to purchase by looking at what southbounding -- what is being purchased on piracy sites.

It makes sense to me.

If you have a subscription fee -- remember when everyone was stealing music?

Hello nabster.

Itunes came out.

Everyone was like, ok, 99 cents a song.

They are saying, ok, you can get all that stuff you might have been stealing and it is only going to cost you $8 a month, and maybe they don't shut down the piracy sites because they use them as a focus group.

Thanks bad news for neilson though.

If you are a netflix executive and you set your monday morning meeting up, and you say, what was getting double on the internet?

Let's go after it.

Does it say?

Is there a particular genre?

Their due diligence.

I'm curious.

Yeah, fascinating stuff.

Talk about fascinating.

We're talking gold.

Here's our next item in the roundup.

The commodity headed for its first day loss in 13 years, and they are cutting their bets selling long contracts at its fastest pace this year.

Goldman says gold is poised to feel a little more pain.

Last year billionaire investors were effectively writing down the law, and they were running away.

Jorge sorr 0 s sold their entire stake.

You don't often see the big players call it wrong, but look at this.

You could make the argument, getting out at the wrong time.

You look at gold today.

We talk about that earlier in the show.

With a more dovish fed, maybe people will be looking -- right.

I mean, the other good news.

Day -- -- if you look at the long-term, gold is up.

70%. june 2011, all about qe.

So yes, we're in a bear market now.

Gold down by 21% since the start of the year.

A lot of economists say that is a natural correction.

Look at that chart.

That is unbelievable.

That is a broken chart.

Who knows.

Maybe the big guys are right and you don't want to be there, but it is amazing, just the move on gold.

Its first year down in 13. pretty pritening.

Today everyone -- salvage crews in the middle east began operation to raise the concordia.

This is the cruise ship that capsized off a reef on the coast of italy last year.

32 people were killed.

It is a complex job involving massive chains and will cost about $800 million.

Eventually the ship will be towed to an italian port will where it will be scrabbed.

It is the most expensive maritime salvage operation in history.

A sad story.

32 people losing their lives.

Unbelievable to some of us it has taken this long.

22 months this boast that is been there.

One story i read today read that when they are actually tipping the ship over is one of the things they are worried about is the ship unleashing all these gases -- 22 months, rotting fish, rotting eggs.

I think it will be good to get it out of there because it has been a horrible reminder of what happened.

This is not a good reminder for the cruise ship industry.

They have been plagued with various accidents.

On the one hand, you would think they want to get it up as soon as possible and put it behind them.

That's another reason why it is surprising.

$100 million?

You know what they had to do?

Literally, no joke, it had come to settle on a sloping piece of underwater terrain.

They had to build an entire steel platform underneath it.

They are rolling the ship onto the steel platform, and you can see there are big -- i don't know what to call them -- things on the side that are effectively going to try to create balance once they roll that back over.

They say it could be spring time once they get it on the coast of italy.

Botox no longer just before between the brows.

Permission to use the toxic injection to treat crow's feet.

There you see it, the fine lines around the eyes.

Although widely used, it is -- she says crows feet already the most common use.

It will bring in an expected $65 million in alerdan.

You don't pay me to put bacteria in my face.

I'm not sure you're the target market.

Probably not.

I'm glad we didn't show it.

Normally every time twe do a botox story we see the needle going in.

No, no, no, i don't want to see it again.

It is a defensive move so they can maintain their market lead.

They have about 85% of this market.

As one analyst told me, botox is the scotch tape of toxin.

You want to keep it that way.

This is a move to fend off rivals.

These are crows feet, these are smile lines, and these are the elevens.

Anything we can do to make people look like aliens.

That is scary stuff.

Let's talk twitter for a minute.

The c.e.o. is going to be a very wealthy man.

Co-founder evan williams asked his friend to invest in the new company.

So dick costel invested.

He took over as twitter's c.e.o. now that.$25,000 investment will be worth more than $10 million if the consumer -- when the company goes public.

That's more than 400 times worth his investment.

I was asked if he wanted to invest $25,000 or $100,000. he wrote back, i'm on the 25 pay bus.

Yeah, but that's classic wall street, right?

You make money on it, trade, and you think, why was i so small?

Why didn't i have any guts?

But have you invested in other things and lost money.

It all evens out.

In this case, i'd say he's still up overall.

Here's my only concern with twitter.

That is, it is such an incredible platform.

I don't want to see this get somehow changed.

You don't have management of a public company.

It's a good point.

You are already trying to get to this.

Your twitter feed.

Then you see this tizzing.

Sponsored content.

-- you see this advertising.

Sponsored content.

It doesn't happen enough that it is easy to ignore.

And it is clear it is sponsored.

Pandora was signing up on the free service.

But there is the premium service where you don't get ads.

Would you be willing to go to twitter and pay a premium so you do not get ads?

Totally different.

I don't want my music interrupts with a bunch of ads, but i can scroll through ads on my device and i'm not going to care as much.

You just put it in and stay there.

Get ready gamers, grand theft auto 5. the much awaited installment goes on stale at midnight.

Here's the curious sale about it.

In addition to stealing cars and robbing banks, the main characters can now invest in stocks and play golf.

I mean, this is crazy.

More than 145,000 million copies of grand theft.

The latest version sold more than 25 million copies.

It brought in $500 mill, and that is half a billion, for those of you that like to count with a "b." the whole idea is you want to create as much collateral damage as possible.

You play this?

I have nieces and nephews.

Grand theft auto has been around 17 years.

It is all about creating collateral damage.

It is interesting they are connecting the dots between criminal behavior and wall street.

Isn't that strange?

You can get a character who

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