The Top Market Moves for Aug. 5

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Aug. 5 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Roundup," Intermedia Partners Founder Leo Hindery and Matt Miller wrap up the day's top market stories on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Only standout year, consumer staples and technology.

Matt miller is going to go through all on the set for us.

A tough day, not right for the market, tough day for commodities, anything that you buy to balance out the printing press.

We had better news than expected for the u.s. economy last weekend.

Unemployment fell to the lowest level since december of 2008. a lot of people here may have missed that because we all focused on the non-farm payroll numbers.

It may mean that the fed can get ready for the big paper and slow down the printing presses in a little bit.

Not good for these kinds of assets.

Today the service sector was very strong.

Making the argument for ben bernanke to continue buying at the pace that he is more difficult.

And maybe you need to get out of these assets.

Do you see tapering in september?

I think that the service sector being robust is actually bad news.

I only argue about manufacturing.

Women in the sector is that one- third of what it should be for the long-term.

I saw the numbers last friday.

I put out quite a bit of commentary to some friends on the hill and it wasn't okay report.

In real terms it was a good report, but there are still too many men and women in the marginally attached.

You are saying it is not good that they are switching over the service industry?

You cannot do anything other than jump from credit bubble to credit bubble.

We have to reconcile the fact that if we are going to emulate the success of germany and china, we have to have a manufacturing policy that rewards resuscitating that sector.

Having not seen some strength?

Everyone keeps talking about this manufacturing renaissance, labor in china.

It is improved.

We are making great cars, right?

I think that the detroit resurgence has been very positive.

You speak to that often.

The reassuring political attempts from apple on putting the stones together is the man in this response.

It came on the eve of their discussion of a tax repatriation where they dodged the bullet.

No, i do not see a genuine manufacturing policy yet in this country.

I see more attention to it.

There is government policy saying that they need more than the 8% that makes something.

Was a disservice to job growth?

If not done well.

I think it did not do the two things that i've got work adjunct to the bill.

Those that did not have coverage are now covered and in a positive sense it was a shift of economics that moved around in a constructive way.

It was not a job creator outside the medical care industry.

I do think that it was really insensitive to roughly 14 million women and men who still will not get any coverage.

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