The Top Four Takeaways From the 2013 Box Office

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Dec. 24 (Bloomberg) – Bloomberg’s Paul Sweeney discusses baby boomer stars, sequels and his thoughts on the year in movies. He speaks with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Interesting for movies.

You have takeaways.

Baby boomer stars, keanu reeves, sandra bullock.

They have come back to dominate.

You think about kid movies and the comic book heroes.

Those are the big franchises back at all the headlines.

We have had some successes with older skewing movies like "captain phillips." "12 years a slave." some movies that skew towards older demographics are doing pretty well.

We are talking about what?

45 and older.

They have a lot of money to spend.

That is a conundrum of hollywood, do you focus on big-budget movies with car chases that can work globally.

How much of your budget do you allocate to things outside that genre?

Don't forget the adult is one of your four takeaways from the box office.

One of the other ones -- the second one is long live the sequel, the franchise.

If you look at the top 10 grossing movies, seven of them are sequels or an existing franchise.

However successful "gravity," is, hollywood continues to rely on formulas.

One of the reasons they fall back on franchises is because they know that those franchises will play globally.

Right now, the global box office outside of north america actually accounts for over 60% of global box office receipts.

That is up from 50% five years or six years ago.

The international box office is becoming increasingly important.

It is almost impossible to get a big blockbuster if he does not have global appeal.

You are talking -- while you were talking, some news came out on the cable side.

We have been watching time warner cable given the possibility of an acquisition.

They are saying they have reached a long-term, multiplatform pact with viacom.

They are going to renew their distribution pact and make e-pics available to subscribers.

Is this significant event all of the chatter about time warner cable and whether it can say independent.

It shows time warner cable is going on business as usual.

Coming to a program distribution agreement with one of the largest programmers, viacom, is very important.

Clearly, investors are focusing almost entirely on what the ownership structure is going to be.

Will there be a consolidation story and cable and 2014? if there is going to be a consolidation story, a lot of investors see time warner cable as the first to move.

Back to box office.

He talked about -- you talked about, movies are a game of hits and misses.

Hollywood chiefs are almost a portfolio manager.

You make two dozen movies a year and hope for 2 or 3 hits to offset misses.

Disney had success with the marvel projects, "the lone ranger," they had to take a write-off.

Is the marvel model going to be a model for other studios?

Disney really focuses on the franchises.

They put a lot of capital against that, they bought pixar, marvel, lucasfilm.

The next "star wars" installment comes in 2015. you can expect them to step it up and tied in with merchandise and all the things disney does.

They are betting big on the franchise business.

More and more of these audiences are overseas.

Particularly in asia.

China is becoming a big market.

When you see big movies made, they often try to integrate global characters.

Global themes, if you will.

Trying to be specific to asia, for example.

Starting to see big studios in hollywood think about the content they are putting out because of the $200 million price tag, they have to make money overseas to offset that.

Thank you, paul sweeney of bloomberg industries.

Coming up, he spent 10 years in a russian prison after being incarcerated by vladimir putin.

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