The Ten Hot, New `Emerging’ Countries

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April 7 (Bloomberg) –- Coface Asia-Pacific Economist Rocky Tung discusses the ten new emerging markets that are hot on the heels of the BRICs. He speaks to Angie Lau on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Emerging economies now as my next guest and his team have identified 10 new countries.

Joining us in the studio for more, what are the 10 new countries?

You probably know them.

But these countries are known as the new, new emerging markets.

We also -- we often think about russia, india, china.

After a very rapid growth phase during the last decade, the growth is declining in these countries.

These are the new 10 on the map right now?

Yes, exactly.

Colombia, peru, ethiopia, kenya, zambia, tanzania, but a few in asia as well.

Sri lanka, bangladesh, the philippines, and indonesia.

Indonesia, the philippines, and bangladesh are more likely to become the new emerging markets in asia.

Not only for the investment communities, and but for the business community as well.

They have better business climates on the ground.

What is the assessment on the ground telling you about the philippines?

We have a different climate assessment which is equivalent to what we saw back in 2001. it says to us that the philippines for the new emerging countries have good credit assessment.

That is compared to bangladesh.

Bangladesh has pretty poor information providing for customers like our self to assess the credit waiting -- the credit rating.

Why would you put them in your 10? they have been improving rapidly.

They also have a relatively strong savings authority.

We took out all the countries that have less than 10% savings rates.

All of these 10 countries have been growing rapidly.

They also save a lot of money.

They can weather the storm.

If people are putting -- pulling money out, their savings can help the market economy.

That is the reason we put them on the map of the 10 new emerging markets.

You write in your report, or your team writes that it is also less dependent on trade.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Most of these countries actually rely on trade.

They cannot rely too much on advanced economies.

Advanced economies are going through a structural phase compared to the last decade.

They can now rely on trades with advancing economies, including the old brothers, the bricks.

They will rely quite a bit on trade, but not so much directly trading with the trading partners in the west.

For those looking at this report, why would these 10 countries give people optimism?

Not exactly the 10 whole countries.

We are not too optimistic about the entire 10 countries.

We are confident about the 10, five of them.

Indonesia, the philippines, sri lanka, colombia, and peru.

Good business climate.

Investors, when they go there, operate, start a branch there, they can get more information about their customers within that country.

We should be more optimistic about those five.

We have to remember that coface really cares about the climate, the credit climate, of every nation.

In these five countries, you are seeing the environment to do business is healthy.

Comparable to what we are seeing in the bricks countries, it is comparable to what they have been in the past decade.

I do not think the business climate is too much inferior.

Thank you for joining us this

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