The Tech Behind the World’s Most Famous Arena

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Dec. 9 (Bloomberg) –- Metroclick Co-Founders Eitan Magid and Jesse Cooper discuss their company’s role in the $1 billion renovations at Madison Square Garden. They speak with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

This is "taking stock" on bloomberg.

Let's go to mark crampton.

Thank you.

New data for american homeowners.

Household wealth rose 2.6% as improvement in the home and equity markets boosted american balance sheets.

Household net worth rose by 1.9 trillion dollars from july to september.

New york city make it three inches of snow tuesday from a storm that dropped eight inches of storm on philadelphia.

It left thousands without power in virginia.

Today the treasury department has a full exit, ending nearly five years of government ownership.

The government had invested $49.4 billion to gain a 60% stake.

Jack lew said with the final sale of gm stock, this important chapter in our nation's history is now closed.

Coming up tonight, we will discuss the major league baseball winter meetings that kicked off today.

We will discuss the trade in the transactions to watch and its affect on the economy.

That is coming up tonight.

Hope to see you then.

By midnight tonight, members of congress need to enroll in the health care plan under the affordable care act.

Or they risk losing their government subsidy.

Phil mattingly joins us now from washington.

Lawmakers, are they having any problems signing up for health care?

Just like every day, they are facing technical glitches.

Some sticker shock as well as they plan to drop their federal health care plan and sign up for the obama health care law.

They have to beat some of their own cooking.

They have to experience what their constituents are dealing with.

The reality is, they have more options.

They can pick 112 gold level planned by four different insurers.

The government picks up about 75% of their premiums.

Lawmakers get to use the online exchange, not the troubled

John bane are signed up for an individual plan.

His office that it took them several hours and he does not really like the end result.

A new $800 a month premium went to factor in his wife's medicare.

My health and premiums are going to double.

M lopez tripled.

I am thrilled to death as you can tell.

-- my co-pays tripled.

I am thrilled to death as you can tell.

Do they lawmakers actually have to enroll?

They don't. they can opt out but there is a possibility it would end up costing them more money.

One is mark.

He is facing a tough reelection fight.

No government subsidy.

His premium is nearly $600 a month.

Lawmakers do not need to enroll.

They're covered by other insurance.

One of the lawmakers is covered by the spouses plan.

The wife works at goldman sachs.

This is valued at about $20,000. democrats are not hesitating to make this a big issue.

Thanks very much.

Phil mattingly, our white house correspondent.

For more insight, i am joined by john, the founder and chief executive of the company that serves about four out of every five hospitals in the united states.

You have a background.

It you founded in 1999. start us off.

Is the system that much worth now than it was in 1999? it is predictably much more expensive.

We built a cost-based assisted in 1965 with medicare.

In 1967, the house ways and means estimated it would grow six times.

He grew 61 times.

In part because of the incentives.

You cannot get paid in this country by the federal government unless he created a cost unless you provided some service that cost money.

Where is this in the terms of the cable to pay for this?

The private sector's largest cost has been premium increases.

Many have been a remarkable amount of disposable income.

In addition, medicare has become the greatest risk to federal entitlement cost increases.

This is a result of how the structure payment was incentive.

You are a veteran of the industry.

You have witnessed this.

You're trying to work with hospitals for profits.

What are some of the prescriptions?

We build 5000 different hospitals across this country.

These are differently priced and costs.

There's no way consumers can tell the differences.

75% of our economy today is driven by consumers who are very intelligent.

18% as health care.

If you look in the one state, are those hospitals are allowed to share information with each other so there can be one group that is great at heart surgery and another that is great at emt procedures rather than duplicating?

That is a great question.

Largely that is built.

Antitrust rules keep hospitals from sharing girls -- information competitively.

They cannot share cost information with one another.

They cannot get good at one thing.

They are flying blind.

They are.

They served their jurisdictions of the public interest.

Ceos are often caught between a rock and a hard place trying to provide services that they demand.

Has there been a shift because of the affordable care act that many hospitals now have to talk about them produce evidence of the quality of health care?

Going forward, is not just the measurement of quality.

We are providing as much care as possible.

The keys people in the communities healthy.

Do you have a final word in terms of what happens next?

Some people are signing up for it.

Some people are not.

We know that all providers are trying to cut costs.

We are trying to predict how they're going to manage care in relationship to the care.

No one has that crystal ball.

Thank you very much.

Coming up, madison square garden has set up in in game experience thing to a three-year billion- dollar renovation.

I'll introduce you to the company that has made much of the experience interactive.

It is monday.

Time for mr.

Grass number two -- mystery guest number two.

? while the new york knicks have not been all that pretty to watch this season, they certainly play an aesthetically pleasing arena.

They completed a one billion- dollar renovation that included a new scoreboard directly above the arena floor.

Interactive video walls and kiosks.

The company behind this interactive aspect is called " metroclick." it is great to have you both with us.

You have a background in technology and developments.

How did you get involved?

About eight years ago i did this transforming the experience of taking any person that goes to the dr.

And taking the paper out of the area.

We went from prescriptions to screens.

I figure there is something in the industry that can trap the consumer more than what is existing right now.

About two years ago we formed metroclick.

How do you fit in?

I have my background is in printing.

We merged together.

We formed some kind of medium that would put the two together.

It became a way to form an interactive platform for new medians.

If i go to madison square garden and a walk around, before i even get into the arena, i can do what?

I can go up to these big interactive screens?

In a certain area, it is the north and south terrorists of madison square garden.

It will let you control a larger video wall.

We did a second video wall on the other side.

It is anyway way that you can control a lot of things from the larger video wall to the individual content from the kiosk.

What kind of content is it?

It is a brand related content -- advertising.

Advertising, user acquisition . the user is already there.

They are in the medium of looking into the product and brand.

Lesko -- lexus is using that to engage the user to get more information.

They are there at the garden.

They get to stop by and logged in.

What happens?

Does the information get collected?

They come in.

They play around with the system.

They can enter a sweepstakes that lexis has.

They can fill out information they want to be contacted by the dealer using the touchscreen speared the system collects information and can follow an e- mail.

What we see from past month and a half of the system being used that kids and adults, everyone is entertaining the system.

They want to come to the car.

For then it is a game.

Here's the information.

Here's what we can do.

You got lexis at the garden.

What are some of the other brands?

We have worked with american express.

We have done milk fashion week, hercules laundry systems.

We are working with a lot in new companies coming up as well, trying to write a presence for different brands.

Are these expensive things to put up?

Give me an estimate of the cost.

Every medium and media campaign is different.

We sometimes partner with different brands.

We help with the actual costs.

It is not something the consumer at home would say i want one of those because i want my living room, it is more for the brand.

Larger exposure.

This is something they have in their marketing plans.

This is where the feature is going.

I want to thank you both very much.

Thank you very much for joining me.

Thank you very much.

Coming up, my ministry guess is going to be revealed.

Time for the third and final clue.

He built an empire strip by strip.

? let's review the clues.

They could be considered the nsa of fine dining.

He helps restaurants go from fizzle to sizzle and he built an empire strip by strip.

Let's find out our mystery guest.

Hi, how are you.

You look very familiar.

Had ever been on the food network?

A little bit lately.

Do you happen to own restaurants?

Do you dine at restaurants other than your own?


Do you and own steak restaurants?

Do you have a program that looks behind the scenes?


He make sure they are very clean.

You run a restaurant chain called uncle jack's steakhouse.

Are you willie -- i got to say.

[applause] you are very recognizable.

Thank you for being here.

You are very recognizable when you go into these restaurants.

Doesn't anybody know that it is you?

They do once i am in there for the revealing part.

That is when you see it on their face.

They are all nervous.

They're wondering what will happen.

I do not blame them.

People adapt.

They start changing.


What happened question you go from restaurant tour to restaurants by?

There were different producers interested in doing a show.

They found me in a craigslist.

On craigslist?

For a tough boss.

100 people put in names.

I was mentioned five names.

Everyone else was mentioned once.

You are the tough boss.

That is what people say.

I feel like i'm really fair.

I have a huge heart.

I'm going to be demanding.

I'm going to make sure you love what you do every day.

Otherwise you could not be on the mission.

Tell us about the business of uncle jack's steakhouse.

We are looking to bring -- break out.

I didn't want to do franchising.

I want one that may have four or five locations.

That i can come in with me and my corporate team, open up an uncle jack's in the we do a joint venture.

We open you up.

The baby it.

Make sure we are executing it the same way.

How did you get started in the business?

I was a baby of four boys.

We had newspaper routes to go through catholic school.

Our parents taught us how to work hard.

Out of my brothers, i was more of a risk taker.

I was not scared of failing.

I always thought if i failed out of a class that i did not like it got an a and when i'll like that was ok.

I really did not like that class.

I would hold all my skills until it's on my vision.

When i really liked to do.

Later on, that has really he lpe talkd to us.about the project part of your business.

Only first opened uncle jack's, silly people had steak sauces.

I didn't like them.

Was almost like a cocktail dressing.

I made my own batch of steak sauce with all natural, organic materials before anybody did.

It was costing me so much money.

I try to go superhigh end.

If i can go the best then i can live with that.

But if i go cheap and cheesy infield, i'm never slipping again.

What has been the reaction?

The product is in many locations.

Distribution is tough.

You got the shelf space.

Even if you give the shelf space and you spend all that money, how are you going to get the customer to change their habits?

How is that person who comes to the supermarket, what is going to make them change their mind and by your project?

You have to set up tastings.

Get them to taste your project and understand why it is better and why they should take it home.

What should you tell people about what really goes on behind the scenes at a restaurant.

What kind of advice do you often get people?

The restaurant business is a tough business.

I started from the bottom.

He can never forget who the workers are.

You build the army from your dish up.

If you're going to come in as a guess, a five dollar tip will get you better table.

The little things are going to help you as a customer.

I want to thank you very much.

The head of uncle jack's steakhouse.

We appreciate it.

It is time for on the markets.

We tell you about the dow jones industrial average at five.

The s&p gains three.

The nasdaq ahead by six.

? .

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