The Tech Behind Interactive Shopping Screens

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Dec. 6 (Bloomberg) -- eBay VP Steve Yankovich, founder and original CEO of Movaris, discusses how eBay is revolutionizing the world of retail with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Welcome as well.

They are basically online with ebay.


Thank you.

We are here with the guy who runs the innovation here at ebay.

These digital storefronts, that was your group's idea.

How is that going so far?

It is going great.

We see people in the shopping environment.

We are capturing them as a go from one place to another.

It is a vibrant and engaging piece of glass.

It is different.

They see people interacting.

They want him to rack as well and understand what is going on.

And this is an experiment?

That is right.

This particular activation at westfield -- westfield mall in san francisco.

They have lots of malls and lots of anti-spaces.

Those spaces do not feel good, even to the consumer.

They do not like the idea of something going away erie if you take those spots and do something engaging that helps both retailers and our partners.


About a couple of these brands that we are doing.

Toms -- think about couple of brands that we are doing.


You have this large, engaging last.

-- glass.

How fast will you skill this?

As fast as the physical stores and as how the brands allow us.

This glass is not just the glass on the storefront.

It is a tabletop.

It is the walls inside the store.

It is the kiosk inside of the store were out in the street somewhere.

We will take us everywhere we can.

And of all the places that people are stuck.

Think of a train station or an airport or a bus depot or terminal, even the glass that is around the closure at the bus stop.

Even the glass on the car window.


We're working with a world leader in innovation on glass.

The future is to have glass, that you can see through, that can become an interface.

At some point, all of the glass that is already in our life -- of the architectural glass, the window on the oven, the microwave, in the bathroom, they can become an engagement surface.

It is your job to think about the future of shopping.

John donahoe told me earlier that that amazon drones are a -- what do you think?

It is everything.

It is our paypal and ebay marketplace.

I look at the technology around us.

It could be a connected device or a wearable or glass.

I will take all of that hardware to innovate on and we will create software in our marketplace and bring it to the market somehow.

My idea of the future is essentially a digital personal assistant that takes care of shopping for your.

These are the things -- for you.

If the things that you do on the weekend or things that you're passionate about.

I'm working on getting their.

The answer is yes, but it is a journey.

How you get there?

We create software.

For example, think of "minority report." there is an app on your phone that has awareness.

Imagine that glass that shows you things only in your size.

That is how we get there.

The use data and technology to create in reality what feels like a personal assistant.

Dear think amazon is wasting its time?

Working thing like octocopters and google buying a robotics company -- i will give you an answer when i built the mobile business for ebay.

People talked about competition.

My goal is to have everyone -- i will look forward to how to innovate for ebay and its customers and its merchant partners.

One of the most important things you say you're working on is time.

Shopping is a chore.

It is fun, but it takes time and it is work.

Everyone can think about how much time you spend during a week or a month doing shopping where it is than aaron and it is not fun.

I need to get more of the same mustard and mayonnaise and some bulbs to replace the lights that went out.

You do not want to necessarily peru's thousands of gloves.

-- preeruse thousands of gloves.

I was able to get some gloves . we want to give you your time back.

I want you to spend that time

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