The Super Blimp That Sends Cargo Above the Clouds

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Aug. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businessweek visits the California headquarters of Aeros, where the aircraft manufacturer is building a blimp-like cargo vehicle capable of transporting massive loads. (Source: Bloomberg)

Goodyear is getting a lift for their bottom line.

One company wants to use giant airships to transform the way cargo is moved all over the world.

We are really in an interesting position.

We will see a fleet of cargo around the world.

It is happening as we speak.

After this, the skies the limit.

We looked at it from a cargo standpoint from day one.

No one has ever looked that solving the cargo transportation issue.

This is an airship constructed from aluminum and carbon fiber and assembled them to withstand the loading that is needed.

The 66-ton aircraft will be about 100 feet wide and it screwed -- and it's cruise speed will be about 100 miles are.

We had these hpe's. this is where the helium will be.

Igor came up with this idea to compress the helium.

If he took 150,000 pounds off, we can compress 150,000 pounds of helium and it will keep us on the ground.

All airships have to have infrastructure.

We will be able to take whatever load we have to the most remote site you can think of , set it down and take off vertically and go back where we came from.

I still can't believe that i didn't think of this.

[laughter] here is another success story . when you're ago this week, a bunch of scientists one the

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