The Summer Vacation Getaways That Are Off the Map

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June 19 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businessweek's Emma Rosenblum discusses some of the lesser-known destinations you may want to visit to escape your business trip. She speaks with Pimm Fox on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Be doing business.

And they would like relaxation while they are there.

Let's start with san francisco.

Where should people go?

We will start with new york city.

Everyone is in new york.

Outside of new york city if you're in a business trip or if you are based here, go to litchfield hills in connecticut.

It is farmland, it is rural and has this beautiful resort that has these themed treehouses.

It is kind of expensive.

$1000 a night.

But if you go there you should splurge.

Where should we go if we are on a business trip and we are going someplace else?

Say you're on a business trip , you should actually go to an area called -- villa vecencia.

It is three hours out of the capitol.

You can hire a car to take you there.

You rent a plane to take you to this river, they had a beautiful picture of any magazine.

This river has hyper color.

It is red, yellow.

Something with the chemicals in the river make it beautiful rainbow colored.

Is it safe to swim?

I'm not sure.

I think so.

It is not going to burn you.

It is some kind of natural phenomenon.

What happens if you find yourself in london with extra time?

London, you should go to a seaside town, a 90 minute train ride outside of the city.

It cost $40 to get there.

It is quaint english seaside town.

It has delicious oysters.

A best in england.

It has these little huts that you can repurpose.

It is the different version of a cabana.

Kind of.

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