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June 25 (Bloomberg) –- FXPro Senior Analyst Angus Campbell discusses the top stocks to watch today in Europe, including Tesco, which could see a shareholder revolts over CEO compensation at its annual meeting. He speaks to Anna Edwards and Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

How much revolting are we likely to see this week?

The one we will be watching today is tesco.

We have seen their share price hit the lowest post -- amount since 2004. almost a ten-year low.

Around the 2.80 pound level.

It has been a serious problem for the firm.

The announced a u.s. operation which has had to close.

They had to wind back investment in continental europe.

Markets making noises about asia, expanding their.

The u.k. core business is suffering from the attacks from competition.

We saw a recently -- recently another competitor said they would slash prices.

Does that mean the tesco 200 million is going to be enough shoppers back?

A lot of questions at the general meeting today for tesco.

There could potentially be some sort of result.

If you're a shareholder of tesco shares, which are a lot higher than they were a year ago.

You are not going to be happy.

You want to see how they address the threat from -- what does the future hold?

How will they get back that position?

Stop the falling market share?

Angus, we are still waiting yesterday's party address -- car ney address before mps.

Is he an unreliable boyfriend?

I would like to think after his speech, and what we heard from him yesterday, it still looks like 2015 is more likely to see the first rate hike from the bank of england.

It is a line in the sand between whether it will be later this year or next year.

Unreliable boyfriend?

That is a little unfair.

But you can ask questions about the way he is communicating to the market.

He is giving mixed messages.

He is saying there is -- you look at wage growth, it is way below the current level.

Really he has got to make things clearer.

Forward guidance has been thrown out the window completely.

Unreliable boyfriend, i think that is probably a little harsh.

Angus, thank you for joining us.

Angus campbell, senior analyst.

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