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May 7 (Bloomberg) –- Alpari U.K. Chief Market Analyst James Hughes discusses what he'll be watching when the markets open with Anna Edwards and Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Respond to.

James, thank you for coming in.

Are we going to be focusing on the individual's story?

Or is it going to be about twitter, a technology hangover from u.s. trading?

We will split down the middle.

Sainsbury is too big to ignore today.

Those numbers are not great, but they are not too bad either.

Interesting article, one about a lot of the hedge funds moving away from sainsbury, mainly to do with the competition.

This whole point of successful ceo's moving aside and taking up the mantle is incredibly hard.

The telegraph had this article about three different ft se companies.

Likening them to manchester united.

They cited the word challenging.

They have used challenging each year since 2008. constantly used the word.

The food market is challenging.

The backdrop is challenging.

I challenge you to find a new press writer.

What about the broader markets?

We did see twitter down 18% yesterday.

The whole tech issue has not gone away.

We are worrying about these tech stocks.

There have been other stories that have come around.

We have seen some pretty good earnings, but there is that fear.

The news from alibaba yesterday, another big ipo.

These tech stocks are looking very strong on the top of it.

The investors to not have confidence at the moment.

Investors in alibaba -- our guests were suggesting that the ipo, the m&a happening mike harold something more sinister.

-- mike ght herald something more sinister.

We are looking at huge companies.

In terms of this week, we are still looking, a lot of analyst talking about last week's u.s. jobs data.

This potential change in monetary policy.

For the first time in a long time, interested in those initial weekly claims.

We ignore them for a long time.

Earnings from -- showing the impact of geopolitical tensions and the exposure to russia.

The drinks industry has been a strange one for a while.

All of those coming out and really struggling in terms of their profit numbers.

When your subject it to -- you have big exposure in russia.

Two areas in the world -- china is struggling and russia is struggling for other reasons, there will be issues with the numbers.

Especially the drinks industry.

Janet yellen talks today to the joint economic committee.

Will she give anything away?

Sometimes they do.

Every now and again.

Thank you very much for joining us.

Guess what is next.

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