The Special Skills of People With Synesthesia

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Jan. 9 (Bloomberg) –- Koplovitz & Co. Chairman & CEO Kay Koplovitz, 12.29 Co-Founder and Scent Director Dawn Goldworm and Bloomberg’s Emma Rosenblum discuss what it is and how the condition is becoming a secret weapon for companies. They speak to Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Have you met anybody that has ever had synesthesia gato no -- synesthesia?

No, but i understand what they do.

This is an opportunity for me.

Tell us about synesthesia.

How did you know you had it?

Is a condition where you can use one sent to comprehend or understand another.

I understood i had it in preschool when i was training my nose.

I had a mentor that would paint perfumes for his clients.

I understood the paintings -- the perfumes from the pain.

Tell us about that.

When i smell an odor, i involuntarily and automatically see color and texture.

If you tell me you want a sense that smells blue and has the texture of velvet, that i can create that for you, and not just for you, but anyone that smells it.

This is fascinating.

Did you know these kinds of skills existed?

I knew they existed, but i did not know that companies were now trying to take advantage of people who have it.

It is not just sent.

In our article, we talked to an engineer at ford who basically in his mind can visualize -- he will touch something and see shapes in his mind.

He can touch the leather of a steering wheel and decide whether or not it is the right texture because of the shape that he is seeing in his mind.

They are paying him to do this and they are saying that the car seat designing are more pleasing to drivers.

This sounds like the conquering of the consumer.

The consumer being in charge.

It really is, and it's fascinating that you get these images.

I think this is a fascinating career.

It really is.

Tell us about your company.

It is an olfactory branding company where we create brands.

We take the brand identity or personality and translated into a smell.

We use that smell and through different touch points, products, packaging, pretty much anything that they want to use to communicate that brand message for the consumer.

And you had some pride -- not ask featuring kate moss, heidi klum, lady gaga, as well as victoria and david beckham.

In my previous industry, i work for cody.

I did most of the celebrity perfumes.

What are some of the most popular sense that people want to create?

What kind of feeling do they want?

It is very cultural dependent.

Depending on where you live and your age and demographic or file , -- profile, what you want in a cent will change.

For someone like lady gaga, who may be talks to 16-year-olds in china and 25-year-olds in brazil, you have to know the cultural touch .0 factor only for those consumers -- oh factor only -- olfactorily for those consumers.

What was the touch point for lady gaga?

You have to take into consideration so many cultures and so many age groups.

In the end, she ended up creating something that was good for all of those different ones.

I wonder about how the different perfumes and scents work on different people, because people have different skin types and moisture composition.

One thing that was great on one person may not be great at all on another of the same demographic description.

I find this fascinating.

I think it is kind of individual.

What we do when we create cents for brand we mostly do not create them for skin.

We do it through an environment or through a scented production.

But will he do create them for skin, we'd keep that in mind.

And it does change on your skin temperature, texture, what kind of climate you live in, food you eat.

It is fascinating.

The synesthesia part of your talent, basically is that in your article you talk about how other people will understand that this scent works with the brand, but they won't be able to connect that because our neurons are pruned apart in a way that yours aren't, i guess.

We will also sense that the sent his correct, but we cannot exactly pinpoint why.

But she can.

There has been research done by scientists and psychologists that shows that when you give normal people odors, they can choose which color the odor connects with.

But they cannot involuntarily tell you the color themselves.

I see that backwards when working with a brand or working with a person or celebrity to therefore translate them into a smell.

I mentioned that one in 23 people have or could have synesthesia.

Are there some other people that you know that habit, famous people?

Can they had four different types of synesthesia.

He could touch you in so many different ways.

There have been many others.

There have been many musicians.

Billy joel has synesthesia, which is interesting, too.

He created this amazing music, so maybe he did it through one of his other senses.

And now they are creating things specifically for people with this, especially in the design area.

The guy at ford has his own cross century -- cross sensory design title.


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