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Feb. 28 (Bloomberg) –- Kinsa Health CEO Inder Singh discusses his “Smart Thermometer” that works off of your smartphone, tracks your temperature and allows you to input symptoms for a diagnosis. He speaks to Trish Regan and Julie Hyman on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

You gave me one of these monitors and told me i could plug it into my phone.

How does this work?

You plug it in the headphone jack.

You take your temperature as you normally would.

You have to have the app downloaded, which i don't have.

It is freely available.

You just pay for the thermometer.

What does that do for me?

Not only is it a better thermometer, it does things other thermometers can do.

Gives you a indication of accuracy.

If it slips out of place, it tells you.

The software reads temperature much half -- faster than the average thermometer.

It does things other thermometers can do, but then take the next up.

It answers the questions through software features that you have.

Answers questions, what do i have, what do i do?

You put in your symptoms.

I have a runny nose, a fever, a temperature and a cough.

And it basically comes back, which you can do on web m.d. as well, right?

Tells you what you might have.

How does this take it a step further.

With a few simple tasks, you can track family symptoms over time.

Current thermometers keep a history of fever, but you never have your thermometer when you go to the doctor.

Now you can pull this out when you go to the doctor and show how your child's fever and symptoms have progressed and get a better diagnosis.

We also have crowd sourcing features.

You can sign up for a way to see the level of illness, what bonuses are going around your child's school.

This health-mapping capability.

My question, not only can you sign up with a group, you can see the progression of illnesses geographically.

What is the critical mass you need to get to?

That is only valuable if enough people sign up for the app that you can get an accurate read of how illness may be moving around the community or the country.


We believe the critical mass is 0.25% to 0.5% of the population to draw meaningful insight.

We are providing a unique set of data, real-time geo-located medically accurate data of symptoms and illness.

We are commenting that was existing data from health care, social media, behavioral data.

What is missing is just a little bit of real-time geo-located medically accurate data.

That is where we come in.

Are doctors using this already?

Our hospitals using it?

Or are you targeting consumers?

We are still in beta.

We have not launched.

We launch online april 1, start selling retail in the fall.

We are excited that a number of children's hospitals and retailers and health brands are out there supporting.

Health in general has really embraced technology.

You can only anticipate it will continue to grow.

Thank you so much.

I do want to point out to everyone, we do have some news.

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