The Smart Glass That Can Track What You Drink

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June 19 (Bloomberg) -- Justin Lee, co-founder and CEO of Mark One, explains how the company's Vessyl "smart glass" keeps track of what you drink. He speaks with Pimm Fox on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Tell us about vessel, what is it designed to do?

Why it automatically knows what is inside, and how much you are consuming.

What would be an example of something like this?

You poor coffee?

What we really want to do in our lives is to aggregate and add up all the things that we consume so we can make healthier choices in real time.

Whether that is coffee.

What we do is we show you how much caffeine is currently inside the vessel.

How much caffeine that you have consumed throughout the entire day so that if it is myself, i always want to optimize how much caffeine i am consuming.

I want to be sharp but not jittery.

When you go from sharp to jittery there is a lot of space in between.

What kind of beverages have you tested already?

Likes we have tested everything that we typically consume.

Whether that is a soda, smoothie, of course we mention coffee, tea, lemonade, beer.

Heineken or guinness.

Pretty much anything we can think of.

It can tell the difference between coke and pepsi.

It is that sensitive.

That is right.

What is the technology behind this?

We have created a sensor that instantly can analyze what is inside the vessel.

What we do is the sensor itself looks at what is inside on a molecular level.

Once it is able to determine what is inside the vessel it transit -- transmits this to a n app on your phone.

It does.

We also developed a place within the vessels that all you have to do to look at the information that is relevant to you, just pick it up and look at your vessyl and it will give you the information.

The caffeine in your copy, it will tell you how much is inside the vessyl, and how much you consume throughout the entire day.

That information is going to go into your mobile app as well.

And give you even more information.

And tell you not just the one thing that you really care about, but the wide variety of things.

Calories, sugar, caffeine.

How much does it cost?

We have a pre-order campaign right now.

The price is $99. that is going to be going on for two months.

Then you are going to raise a certain amount?

You are looking to raise $50,000 to turn them into a real product?

That's right.

Where you want to sell this?

Right now we're selling them online.

As we move forward, online is

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