No Bartenders Needed: The Self-Serve Beer Trend

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July 9 (Bloomberg) -- Josh Goodman, founder and CEO of PourMyBeer, discusses the company's self-serve beer and wine stations with Pimm Fox on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Isn't a bartender good enough?

We love bartenders and servers, but the whole idea is to make something more efficient.

When we come to the game, we allow customers to access your when they want it, and we allow the bartenders to focus on other duties.

Describe -- describe your system.

We have two types of systems.

We have movable and built-in.

We have beer walls and beer tables.

The table offers them the ability to access two beers per person.

Once they reach their limit, the staff has to interact and make sure they continue drinking.

The whole idea is to get them the beer as soon as they can possibly get it and do it responsibly.

The beer walls are more on the transaction basis.

Basically, you have access to two beers.

Once they have two beers, they need to see a staff member to get access to more beer.

It is a controlled environment, as well?

Absolutely terrific control is the core of our product line.

When i first started the company, i had to go to every single state liquor board to get approval.

It was the first objection.

How is this legal?

It is.

It is controlled.

It is no different from a pitcher of beer or a bottle of wine.

It is not limited access.

It is a true prophet driver.

In your mind, do you have maybe top five pour my beer places people should visit if they want to get the total experience?


We are scattered all over the united states and canada, but one of our premier locations is down in san diego.

It is called beer republic.

It is 44 taps, self-serve.

You can get a nice bracelet that allows you to go around and taste the different beers.

In chicago where i am based, we have a plethora of locations.

El jefe, they do $50,000 a day or more.

Self-serve liquor at the table, another feature of our product.

We have fat pours downtown.

We have the milwaukee airport -- the miller brewhouse has our products.

The mgm grand, caesars entertainment, marriott hotels.

Yes, sir.

We are quietly growing momentum.

Mgm is obviously a key -- a key client of ours.

A vegas being the town it is, it is very -- very forward thinking.

They and chicago have been our leaders.

Where are these systems put together?

Who constructs all of this?

That is a good question.

We have two types of systems.

If we do movable products, we work with our manufacturer out of michigan.

They pretty much make all of our movable products that would store the beer inside the table or wall.

Marriott and baltimore has that version where eason surely they can use their room key to access to your.

We also have the built-in version which is more of a custom project.

A company in fort lauderdale has multiple tables where customers can pour from.

When they sit down, they have

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