The Rush to Offer Same-Day Delivery

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Dec. 12 (Bloomberg) -- CEO Jed Kleckner comments on the rush to offer same-day delivery. He speaks with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)


Finally, they are paying attention.

One of the biggest trends has been mobile.

When the iphone came out in 2005, i think about that.

We are not even 10 years and the mobile -- into mobile at this point.

The ability to find things, search, and discover.

Now there is a need to go further and answer the question of if i can purchase it as well.

What mistakes do you expect these guys to make?

They are answering a problem for amazon or walmart, not solving a problem for the local merchants.

People are still not going to want to be served by the local business.

I found myself at the amazon fulfillment center last monday.

Two giants have been doing battle for over a decade.

It struck me that it is too simplistic.

Amazon wants to be walmart.

Ebay wants to help merchants that are already out there in the world.

I wonder where that leaves you.

We are there to serve the local business.

We serve 10,000 merchants, starting in the food category.

We create a certain level of trust with the local consumer and the local merchants that we serve.

We have developed a relationship with the consumer to buy things on a regular basis.

Dry cleaning and laundry from local merchants.

I wonder where you are on the build out?

We have seen some growth in new york -- what parts?

Manhattan, brooklyn, and some outlying areas like public an hoboken.

We're big in hoboken, brooklyn, and areas like queens.

All the main boroughs of new york city.

Chicago, boston, d c, san francisco, los angeles.

Are you finding that you start with food and then expand from their?

-- from there?

It is a critical mass where we start building out a particular borough or neighborhood.

Merchants hear from other merchants that it is one way to add to their business, introducing online.

Most of my life, lately, both are preindustrial cities and they feel -- [indiscernible] they are so completely different.

Local is local.

Surely in delivery, there cannot be a city or different than new york or los angeles.

Is there a cookie-cutter approach gekko ?? you have a different merchant base serving a different consumer.

I think when you are a big company, that is something you can't underestimate.

Then need to understand the business at that level.

It is great to see you.

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