The Rufus Cuff: The Supersized Wearable Watch

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May 5 (Bloomberg) -- Rufus Labs co-founders Gabe Grifoni and Matt Goldman discuss the Rufus Cuff wearable watch with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Saying in our world today.

What we have designed is the form factor allows for three things that i think are going wrong in that industry, and one of them is a wearable, usable screen size, a screen you can actually use.

The other issue with wearables is it is such a small device with a formfactor.

This allows us to triple it, and the other thing is it is built to utilize an entire system like you are used to with a smart phone and tablet that has proprietary apps.

It is not out of the box.

So let's go through the details.

What is it, a three inch screen?

We have a three inch screen.

And the battery life is how long?

Was it is predicted to be about two or three days.

Two or three days.

Yes, not something you have to plug in all of the time but can do quick messages and run for a long time.

The idea of wearable technology has, of course, attracted companies like nike.


As well as samsung.

A connected directly to their samsung android phones.

Is it necessary that the wearable device be good for both android and apple systems to succeed?


We are connecting to any android or ios device.

We were going to use youtube for communications, so we do not need to be locked into one or the other technology, and we are enabling our device to be able to communicate directly with the smartphone and utilize the data network that the smartphone has access to.

What is the estimated cost of something like this?

Right now now at indiegogo, ranges from up to $300 and some change, and we expect our pricing to come out for full retail roughly in line with that.


What about the way to that you're carrying around?

The weight, we are at about 75ish grams, and samsung has a competing product that weighs about the same.

There is metal around it, so if you think of the physics, it is tiny, and this one little spot that moves around a lot, if we take a surface area and spread it out, it allows us to control it, so the weight is about the same, because of the way we have designed it --

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