Royal Baby's Business Bump Short of Royal Wedding

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July 22 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Olivia Sterns looks at the economic impact in the U.K. of the birth of Prince William's and his wife, Kate Middleton's first child. Sterns speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart. (Source: Bloomberg)

React to that last part.

Of course, you lived in the u.k. for quite a while.

How important is this to the british economy?

A huge year, this has been tremendous for britain.

The diamond jubilee, the olympics, but a look at how the numbers stack up.

The royal baby bomb will bring in $400 million to the british economy, about half as much as the wedding brought in, nearly half as much as the economists in our office pointed out, probably less to put on.

Cost of the courtship aside, probably more bang for your buck.

[laughter] it may not cost the economy as much, but harry, father of the responsibilities, it certainly is costly.

Taking his two weeks of maternity leave from the royal forces as he spends his nights in the hospital with katharine, where we are told it costs $7,500 per night.


I think the royal family can afford it.

You never know.

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