The Role of Regulators, Activists and Sheila Bair

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Jan. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg View’s Jonathan Weil examines the relationship between regulatory agencies and hedge funds and Sheila Bair taking a job at a bank on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

It was told to us over and over that he is a guy that loves to short, but he would never get involved in a regulatory short, because he does not trust the government.

Maybe you could shout, "stop, thief!" you never know what they are going to do.

May be.

The sec turns around and investigates the hedge fund.

This is like 46% of all of the freely tradable shares, and it was one of the best-performing stocks of the day, and this is a company that lends money to people with horrible credit, and they charge them a lot of money, and as long as the government is going to continue to allow them to do whatever they are going to do, presumably legally, it is not a very good short.

And this highlights one of the principal problems that hedge fund managers like ac kman may have.

They make lots of money.

Get lots of letters.

The shareholders love the fact that they make so much money.

That is right.

But even if bill is right in his conviction, this takes deal along, and his investors do not want to wait anymore, and he has got the likes of carl icahn and dan loeb standing on his lawn with a bazooka.

The market can stay that way longer than you can stay solvent.

What about what senator ed markey did, getting regulators to look into what herbal life --herbalife is doing.

Members of congress send letters all of the time.

Regulatory agencies receive them and say, "thank you very much.

You obviously intended this for a public market rather than us." i am not saying that about her balife.

Other people are.

And do you want to look like you are front running?

You do not want it to look like you are being led by the nose, even if that is the reality.

You could ignore it, bernie madoff style.

It is a scam.

The sec was warned about bernie madoff for a decade or so and did not do anything about it, and that was a situation where you could have shorted ernie made off, and the sec would have said -- shorted bernie madoff, and the sec would have said,"we "we do not want to look like we are being led by the nose." it is a great challenge for them to be sifting through it, but it is no doubt that every trade regulator in the country knows that bill ackerman --ac -- ackman is shorting.

You have chosen to pick on him in one of your articles, but i want to talk about somebody else.

Sheila bair.

2006 until 2011, you had bank lobbyists getting quoted in places like politico, saying how angered that they were that she was taking the directorship of a bank called santander.

She did write a book in which she had all sorts of things to say about the revolving door and that regulators should not be going to work for banks.

Rather than the right of center.

-- the private sector.

A lifelong ban.

She wants a vacation too.

And you had a lot of the do- gooders who said, "she let us down, and now, we feel victimized." all of those, at least those who are still living, they were all doing the same thing.

That does not mean that she is not going to do good stuff inside the bank.

It is among the best capitalized of the spanish banks.

And then there are the people at bloomberg -- she is not going to be holding an executive position.

She is not going to be supervising anybody.

She is going to be on the board.

And she has perspective that is highly valuable to a spanish bank.

I would want her on the board if i were them, but the question is, do they want her on the board, or do they want her reputation on the board?

A champion of the public.

The companies when you are on the board are the ones that need to buy a reputation.

Former heads of the standards board.

I hope she knows what she is getting into.

A matter of perception.

Sheila bair may not feel like she is renting out her reputation, what is everybody else does -- a part-time job that pays really well.

Hopefully it is a part-time job, because if the bank ever blew up, it would be a full-time job.

Is the way this has been handled a lesson for anybody, or maybe not yet?

A former fdic chairman from the 1980's, a fellow who never got on a high moral horse.

After leaving the fdic, he became the chairman of a bank, definitely a critic of legislation, and one of the things that happened after he got there, fifth third got in trouble for violations by the security and exchange commission . nobody says he is associating himself with this fraud outfit.

"what a shame he would do that." but sheila bair is different.

Profile in courage awards by the kennedy center.

Should we not want something with her experience and expertise?

This is what we wanted all of

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