The Road to the Oscars Goes Through London

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Oct. 18 (Bloomberg) –- In today’s “In The Know,” Bloomberg’s Mark Beech gives a wrap-up of the London Film Festival. He speaks to Mark Barton and Anna Edwards on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Less unemployment.

Thank you.

Joining us from investment securities.

Big names in movies have made it into this year's london film festival.

One of them is tom hanks playing captain phillips.

More on this year's event, let's talk to somebody in the know.

Our bloomberg arts and culture editor.

Good morning.

Let's start with a film festival itself.

Tell us a bit about it.

How long is it as -- it has been going for.

Quest 57 years now.

It is one of the oldest film festivals of its kind.

300 plus films.

Some have been shown at some of the other film festivals.

One of them is being shown and opened in the u.s. last weekend gravity is still number one in the u.s.. $2600 is a good opening for this type of film.

It has been highly rated.

It has.

It has been the opening for the london film festival.

The person doing that is in new york as well.

Tom hanks does a starring role in this.

Quest does this festival typically not go for glitzy hollywood tales?

It is an american film but a gritty subject -- subject.

It is, based on the real story of somali pirates.

Yes, tom hanks, the fact that he came for determination in the x -- in the end.

Auctor number three e -- oscar number three for tom hanks?

Best actor?

Another film we will be talking about, why they could be another nomination.

Under the skin is a sci-fi about cannibals.

I'm not sure this is my thing.


It had mixed reviews.

Some critics loved it.

I was not sure.

It was not sure whether it was sci-fi or horror.

It fell between the two.

It goes away from the film a little bit but is very strange.

A scottish accent?

Not really.

She looks seductive and lures people to an unhappy ending.

12 years a slave.

Stephen clean directed this.

One of our bloomberg news columnists called it harrowing and says the conventions of cool treat -- cruelty have never been presented on screen in such detail.

Very true.

A harrowing film in many ways.

It is up there which enters list -- schindler's list.

It is almost too brutal but it comes on through very well and does make a point.

It is not the only slavery film we have had.

We have had lincoln.

Big name actors in it.


Brad pitt.


The best actors could come in that batch, as well as tom hanks, looking ahead to the oscars.


The coen brothers.


Inside lou ann davis.


It tells the story of a similar -- singer-songwriter in the 1960's. yes.

I like this one a lot.

I felt it was a worthy one.

It has got excellent parts from justin timberlake.


This one has got a chance of doing well.

What is your favorite?

Captain phillips?

I would give it to tom hanks.

That is a worthy winner.

You heard it here.

Mark, thank you.

London playing host to the

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