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Aug. 12 (Bloomberg) --'s Scott Galloway discusses the rise of photo and video sharing with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

We have charts we were just going through, and hopefully we can pull it up so everyone can see what we are doing, but we're talking about the visualization.

Number of instagram users in this case.

We all use vine.

How does this affect the way we are spending time on line?

They say picture's worth a thousand words and video is worth a million.

We have more ability to deliver great content.

These visual content platforms have really taken root.

What is exciting about them is advertisers love them.

Video is fantastic in visceral medium.

They attract dollars.

These platforms are going towards the dollar signs.

As far as you see the relationship with advertisers, how did they do it?

Product placement, banner on the bottom?

What has been unknown efficient way to do this?

What you just described is how we would probably think of these.

The smart ones are doing something different.

They are doing it for user- generated content.

What you have on pinteresting, users may generate content that they are comfortable with.

-- pinterest.

So for the first time tiffany might take that great setting on your ring or romantic moment you upload on instagram and might put on their sit.

E. facebook last quarter results shows they now know what they're doing with mobile but create a whole new level playing field for other companies that are competing as far as social networks go?

The advantage is around a couple of things.

The platforms that are organic to mobil and the ones that are visually-based.

Facebook did not have either of those.

It was born on a desktop.

They have done a great job pivoting to mobile.

This looks like the deal of the century now.

Remember the second-guessing about the money they were paying?

Instagram is five timesfthe value-- five times the value of tumlr.

What did you make of ti witter vine?

6 seconds and looping.

Probably room for both.

While vine's community is smaller, they have slightly higher in gauging rate engaging rates.

There is something about them.

If you get used to vine, it feels and definite.

It feels unnaturally long, which gives you a sense of how long we adapt to the consumer behavior.

Our add is kicking in.

Like six seconds is now the right wing and 15 is too long.

The average community size of brands is now 80,000 vs vine at 5000 or 6000. they are above the weight class, the leader in the space.

Probably room for both.

Thank you for stopping by.

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