The Rise of Mobile Strategies in Social Media

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Sept. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Edventure Holdings Chairwoman Esther Dyson discusses the challenges and latest innovations of social media in Asia with Rishaad Salamat on Bloomberg Television's "On The Move Asia." (Source: Bloomberg)

Someone at the cutting edge of digital technology for a decade.

Our guest is attending ogilvie's annual social media matters event in hong kong.

Figure for joining us.

Social media is becoming more and more important.

It is the way we consume news in many regards right now.

Do you see asia as being very similar to the states and europe?

Asia is similar in terms of, this is how people consume news.

What is different is much more mobile.

In the u.s. and europe, people have computers.

For them, this is almost entertainment.

For people in emerging markets, the internet and especially cell phones are equipment.

This is a way for them to earn their living.

This is a way for them to express themselves.

This is a way for them to have an identity.

Even if you do not have an address.

You are an african and they do not deliver a newspaper to your door, but you have a cell phone, so people can call you if there is a job.

You can pay for things with it as well.

You can pay for things, and you can even earn money.

One of the companies at social media matters gives individuals a chance not just to consume but to do market research and get paid or it -- for it.

Asian businesses -- i do not want to concentrate just on asia -- are they leveraging social media enough?

I think they are beginning to.

They are learning.

It is pretty confused still.

Part of what about social media matters is trying to do is to give people a better handle -- it is not simply sending out messages, but understanding, what are people saying about you?

I was on an airline yesterday, and they screwed up my seat, and i tweeted at them.

They have not responded.


Companies need to have a social media strategy now.

They do not have it.

Love sounds a responded.

To me, that makes a difference.

I am one of millions talking here on tv.

May i respond to you?

What is the next big thing?

The next big thing, it is really the rise of the individual as a news producer, not simply news consumer.

You've got competition now.

What that means is it is harder for anybody to get noticed, because everybody is trying to get noticed.

The world becomes much more fluid.

There are fewer areas of entry.

-- barriers to entry.

It becomes harder to understand what is going on, which dubs -- does give a certain credence to brand names like bloomberg or whatever.

It is a lot messier.

People need to think for themselves.

They do not necessarily know how.

As an angel investor, what are you looking at at the moment?

What has been exciting?

I look for the people.

Almost any idea you have, there are 20 people trying to do it.

The question isn't come is this acute act?

It is more-- isnt, is this a cute act?

It is more, can this management team create something that lasts slightly longer than the last sensation?

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