The Return of the U.K. Game Development Industry

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June 10 (Bloomberg) -- Richard Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of TIGA, discusses the kick off of the Electronic Entertainment Expo and presence of U.K. gaming companies. He speaks with Guy Johnson on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Kinds of things going on.

A year on, we are focusing back on the games.

The drivers of the consoles.

In terms of the sales they are generating, where are we and the lifecycle?

You have a lot to games and buzz around them.

What is the sense?

We are at the beginning.

The new consoles were launched last year.

The previous year we had wii's. the consoles have been launched and now the manufacturers are trying to commission as much of games.

They want to show all good games with good graphics on their devices.

Now, is the time when it will take place.

We are seeing good games at being showcased on the new devices.

One thing we are likely to see is u.k. games and showcasing -- [indiscernible] we have companies that are doing that.

They are not the only ones.

We'll see u.k. company showcasing good content on these devices.

Why the u.k. gaming, the game generation, take a hit?

It is coming back now.

What is it the government has done right?

What has the industry done wrong and is now doing right?

For a long period of time, our key competitors in america and canada offered a very generous tax breaks for production of some the consequence was it was much cheaper to develop games and north america so we lost 10% in investment.

And my organization, my campaign for seven years, the labor and coalition, is about production.

We had to convince the european commission as a break was legal.

We had to have it in place.

It allow our industry to be on a more level playing field.

More jobs being created.

We are back on track in terms of the industry.

What will, next?

Will see more support.

In terms of games, we will see more good quality games on these new device from playstation 4 and xbox one.

It's what allowed to be shown off.

That is one thing.

The second, we will continue to see many games being developed for mobile devices.

This where the growth is taking place in the years.

What does that mean for british?

We have seen candy crushing do well.

Other games on tablets are getting more sophisticated.

From apple, it allows the device to be more -- where are we and what is next?

As your question imply, console type games on mobile devices.

We have companies in the u.k. like arms, who really pushed for games on handsets.

That is taking place.

Quality gaming experience.

Also in terms of our mobile.

When is the market going to be on tablets in the quality you expect to play a game like this?

How far a way is that from us?

In which companies will take advantage of a best?

In terms of taking best, investors and good quality products.

As they will be successful.

Many will be in the u.k. and in europe.

Individuals, a great pedigree.

New games are games like "halo?" you will see both.

It pays for them to put out franchises.

They are proven success stores was up a lot of indie game companies many in the u.k. are making new types of games.

-- they are proven success stories.

-- a lot of indie game companies , many in the u.k. are making new types of games.

Kris we will leave it there.

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