Who Will Buy the Million-Dollar Mercedes?

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July 7 (Bloomberg) –- Jalopnik.com's Matt Hardigree and Bloomberg's Matt Miller discuss Mercedes-Benz bringing back the Pullman version of its top-of-the line S-Class and the recent accidents involving Tesla's Model S. They speak with Trish Regan on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

It may be a yacht, but it is a car.

What is the price tag echo $677,000 for a my back, which nobody bought.

Which nobody bought.

This is a stretch limo.

It is a classic stretch limousine.

You have a chauffeur and three rows of seats.

It is not meant for the kind of person even that gets driven around in a matbach.

It is meant for serious dig taters or russian oligarchs, or the beatles.

It has too many windows.

It is fully armored.

It is bulletproof?

But the term could be debated, but it will be normal bulletproof.

If you were the president of brazil, you could drive it around without the fear of getting a molotov cocktail through your windshield.

This is a special car.

He and -- the exciting thing is there are so many versions of the new s class coming out.

It is amazing.

To quote jay-z, i got a thing with big a-day benders.

They are fantastic.

-- big body benzes.

They are fantastic.

People will really buy a? o, people will buy it.

Jay-z will love it.

Are the profit margins extraordinary with a thing like this?

The problem with me back in -- maybach if they did not need it.

They added bs class and like he was saying with the barbell approach, stretching the amount of platforms they had.

Dubiously with maybach, it was its own brand.

Now mercedes will put out an s class addition.

They are trying to get as much at of the name as they can, while they also sell a bunch of cla's to mere mortals like us.

But i guess it is a strategy that could pay off.

-- i guess it is a strategy that could pay off.

He wants to be the biggest luxury maker by the end of the decade, which means not only bmw, but audi as well.

Chinese people will not buy buicks if they do not sell them in america.

Even though most chinese consumers will buy a cla and not this car, they want to know that there is something more luxurious out there.

Let's switch gears to tesla.

Over the weekend, a tesla model s exploded in flames and split in half.

Pretty incredible pictures after a high-speed chase and collision in los angeles.

This is not exactly what you want if you are elon musk.

To turn on your television, the 11:00 news, into your model car up in flames like this.

But i disagree.

Obviously, it's not the best.

I disagree as well.

There are like 16 pieces of that car everywhere and that guy is still alive.

Elon musk will not go out and say, hey, look you can do ridiculous things with this car.

But no one has died in a car crash.

Three people died in the test crash of them -- of the coral love.

-- the corolla.

I believe the stock market agrees with you, but the bloggers have been out there saying, this proves that tesla is sincerely a safe car.

They caught on fire and the guy walked out.

He walked out in handcuffs, because he was stealing the car and driving it over 100,000 -- 100 miles per hour.

Which begs the question, how was this car stolen from the dealership?

That is the question i want an answer to.

I will give your site a little more credit.

If you are elon musk and you see that your car has been stolen like that, that is also maybe a good thing.

It is cool.

It is hot enough.

And the software to drive 110 miles away from police in the middle of the lake.

And going 100 miles per hour.

Elon musk has a shareholders meeting.

Over 334 million miles put on this car, the model s. there has not only been one fatality from the test model, but not one serious injury.

You could put teslas on top of a tesla and not worry about the roof caving in.

But are people who are driving these just smarter?

Or richer.

Better drivers?

There is no way.

You would just say it is a safer car.


It is incredibly safe and it is fun to drive.

I don't know what you thought about it.

It is not a ferrari, but it held tight in corners.

The exhilaration is impressive.

For what it is, it is amazing.


It is a great drive.

I believe you guys.

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