The Restaurant With a Five-Year Waiting List

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Dec. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Emma Rosenblum reports on the most exclusive restaurant you've never heard of, Damon Baehrel. She speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Unveil a secret.

This was a secret, you have to book five years in advance to get into this restaurant?

This is booked up for five years and you can send an e-mail to them to get a reservation but this is hard.

Tell me about the name of this restaurant and who is damon barrell.

This is in upstate new york about three hours outside of manhattan.

Damon is the chef and the owner and the waiter, who does everything himself and gets all the food from the land he owns, he makes this in his yard and serves 18 people every night.

What do they eat?

He is into molecular gastronomy, using dehydrated ingredients and advanced techniques.

He is not trained as a chef and has taught himself to do all of this.

He realized his career in the world of motorcycles was not going to take off because he was injured.

He decided to move into this spot.

He has been rewarded with several awards and is highly rated by culinary experts.

This has been going on since 2006, he has had the bistro.

Now the larger food world is starting to take notice.

He has an independent spirit award this year.

He serves a kind of ice cream or sherbet of some kind, but he takes this from the roadway that is outside of his house.

He calls this an acorn ice cream cone.

It takes one year to prepare.

He forages the acorn and submerges the ministry and for a few months, he takes them out of there and does some other things before they get dehydrated and ground into a powder that he uses in this cone, and he puts an eggplant thing on top of that.

He does things with stems of violets, liquifies them.

He uses this and other presentations.

Celebrities come in and try to get reservations.

The obama's are wanting reservations.

He is very protective.

Martha stewart and jerry seinfeld are big fans.

And there is a five-year waiting list.

The food that you eat may be preserved somewhere for years or never made.

What does he say about, if this will be a job for him in the future?

He is 51 years old so he stopped taking reservations past 2018, he is not sure that he may retire.

You may want to try to get in

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