The Real World Cup Winner Is Adidas

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July 10 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businessweek’s Brendan Greeley reports on the battle for customers between Nike and Adidas at the 2014 World Cup. Greeley speaks on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

With more on the winner of the world cup and as we mentioned, adidas.

How much does the world cup mean to both of these companies?

It means so much to adidas that in non-world cup years they don't break out their soccer earnings, we assume because they are not impressive enough.

This is what they call an event year.

Both companies had their first meeting about this world cup at the last world cup in south africa.

The planning lasts longer than a 4 years.

It is a huge deal for both companies.

Nike has been trying this year to use a couple of its key brands to prove that it is the dominant soccer power in marketing.

They see it as a growth area.

A lot of companies have realized that unless you are running an soccer you can't really win in sports globally.

It is a huge deal for both companies.

I wrote about this 2 months ago and i am kind of going on an apology to her because i hinted in the article that i wrote that nike was running circles around adidas.

Nike was paying to sponsored superstars and was shooting these beautiful ads that hinted at the world cup.

I think that strategy did not pay off for them.

Why not?

They ran a couple ads called "risk everything," and those future superstars like wayne rooney, run althoug -- ronaldo.

None of those stars performed as well as they had hoped at the world cup.

Now you are left with a commercial that kind of means nothing.

Or it looks awkward.

Adidas pays $70 million per cycle and that gives them all kinds of visibility -- it gives them the ball on the field, the ability to use the cup and marketing.

That turns out to be a better bet, which i did not see 2 months ago because there is no risk in that that.

Do you think nike will change tactics next time around and not align themselves so much with personalities?

Nike has backed out of the bidding to sponsor manchester united, one of the storied club teams in the u.k. what that tells us, i think, is that we are now -- we have plumbed the end of what nike is willing to pay to sponsor a team, and i think that is a big deal.

For a while nike was throwing money at teams because they are hard to sponsor, they don't come on the market very often, and they tried to steal germany away from adidas and that is such a close link between the 2 of them.

Adidas has a sponsor germany since 19 to 54, it is a german company, they work with players to develop a g -- to develop a clinic cash to develop -- to develop equipment.

Doesn't matter that adidas --adidas is sponsoring both teams.

Does it matter who wins?

It is an ideal situation for germany --i'm sorry, for adidas.

As if the 2 or separable.

That was a real freudian slip.

Who are you rooting for, brandon?

Line on the sea is the one superstar.

-- lionel messi is adidas' one superstar.

He is there one transcendent star.

The fact that he was able to carry his team even with the born result yesterday is huge -- even with the born result is huge.

I have the manager of soccer marketing, what is the ideal result?

He said the ideal result is a germany win.

He is german himself, he is sympathetic, but they make so much money after germany, it is such a soccer-crazy market.

What about social media and how guys work for -- how that has worked for nike and adidas?

Adidas picked up colombia last year and colombia did well at the world cup.

Even during that time nike had beat adidas at social media and and calledolombia.

They said, well, we've got the ball on the ball has a twitter account, and i thought to myself, good luck with your tweeting soccerball.

Were you wrong about that?

I was totally wrong about that.

It has 3.25 million twitter followers.

A terrible idea executed perfectly.

Brendan greeley on the apology tour.

Things i was wrong about.

It is an ugly courtroom fight that may decide the fate of the la clippers.

Sterling versus sterling.

This is billionaire donald sterling, who is vowing never to sell his nba team.

The nba suspended him for making those racist remarks, and his

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