The Race for Subscribers: Who Will Come Out on Top?

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Feb. 21 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Brad Stone, Jon Erlichman and Edmund Lee discus how companies like Charter, Amazon, Dish Network and DirectTV are trying to increase their subscriber base. They speak with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The earnings call that a charter had done the deal with time warner, it would not have made a difference in the negotiations with programmers.

What do you make of that?

Scale is not a factor anymore in these delicate negotiations with programmers.

Scale actually is a factor.

It is important.

I'm not trying to contradict what tom rutledge is saying.

He was trying to make a morsel point -- a more subtle point.

The scale they get in terms of the piece they have to pay them does not change until you hit a much bigger array of customers.

Comcast already gets that.

Between 10,000,000-20 milligrams is, there is not a big difference.

Weyou still have to pay for this extra customers.

He was trying to downplay the fact that he did not get it.

There would have been some, but not much.

The other point he was making on the earnings call was the whole set top box.

They are trying to create their own cloud-based set-top box that might rival or catch up to what apple tv offers or what amazon plans to offer.

That is where the competition is now.

Who is going to own the set-top box, will they lose subscribers to an apple tv or some other kind of digital set-top box like amazon is thinking about?

Amazon has original content and with the set-top box, they have something apple tv does not have.

Netflix does not have a set top box.

Apple does not have original content.

We reported that apple has been talking with time warner cable before this whole comcast thing happened.

Do we know any updates?

Are the stock still happening now that time warner cable could eventually be part of comcast?

Talks have definitely slowed down.

There've been put on hold because of the merger.

That is not to say that comcast is saying anything to time warner cable.

Hey, you can't talk to netflix or apple tv about putting their system on your set-top box.

Now the executives that time warner thinking, ok, a lot of this could change.

What should we do not know they have slowed down.

That could be an issue for these guys in terms of wanting to get on to legitimize what they're trying to do with streaming.

Dish network reported results today.

Subscriber growth is slowing.

Can they compete in this new environment e ? we will talk a lot about those.

Do they have to come together.

The one thing they don't have is that the cable companies do have is rock band.

The ability to say, we are using -- losing video subscribers but they still need high-speed internet.

There are lots of hints from both dish and direct tv about them wanting to offer web-based television services with the cable.

That does explain why directv wanted to buy hulu and dislikes to be disruptive.

You'll see more-- dish likes to be disruptive.

We will be talking about the

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