Top Obama Aides Said to Oppose Keystone Pipeline

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March 20 (Bloomberg) -- President Barack Obama’s advisers are lining up against the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline. Top Democratic donors oppose the project. Julianna Goldman has more on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

Joins us from washington.

I'm curious how the president's top aides are lining up on this pretty controversial issue.

It is a controversial issue.

That timing -- the consensus seems to be emerging from inside the walls of the west wing that the president's advisers, some of his top advisers are urging him to reject the keystone pipeline.

This is according to people familiar with their thinking, who all spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of this issue.

They say they are leaning against approval.

We all know that john put esta -- john podesta, before he joined the white house, had publicly spoken out against the keystone pipeline.

He says he is recusing himself, while not legally, he won't be playing a part in the decision-making process.

Consensus among the president's top advisers that he should reject it.

What does the president think?

He thinks that the arguments on both sides are inflated.

It is not the jobs bonanza that republicans and unions are claiming, but it is also not the environmental catastrophe that some of his top donors are warning of, too.

What all this boils down to is it makes the likelihood of this coming down to a political calculation.

According to lots of democrats with whom i spoke, they say that over the last month to 60 days, the president, others in the white house have really woken up to the fact that democrats could lose control of the senate in november.

So, the politics of the midterm elections are going to really weigh heavily on the president's decision-making, whether or not he rejects the pipeline, approves it, or maybe looks for ways to delay it until after the election.

The oil community just doesn't think anything will happen before that midterm election.

I'm curious though, in the debate for or against, if the increased scrutiny of transporting oil from -- by rail has changed the political conversation at all in the last six months.

If the president were to go ahead and rejected before november, that could really hurt some vulnerable democrats in energy states.

A real big one who it seems to threaten is mary landrieu, the chairman of the energy committee.

So, if she and others, like mark pryor from arkansas -- they have urged the president to approve it.

If he goes ahead and rejects it, it makes them look pretty ineffective.

If the president goes ahead and approves it, he risks hurting the democrats'warchest -- democrats' warchest.

Tom stier -- he has promised to put $100 million into the midterm as a counter against the koch brothers.

He is threatening to withhold that money if the president approves keystone.

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