The Numbers Behind the Apple vs. Samsung Rivalry

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Dec. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Horace Dediu, founder of Asymco, breaks down the numbers behind the Apple-Samsung rivalry. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

He joins us from new york.

Another thing you're known for is figuring out what the expenditures are.

It is sort of a black box.

Why is that number important.

Ever since apple was involved, it has had a huge increase.

That includes a lot of servers.

They are increasingly challenging google's scope.

A lot of that is manufacturing equipment.

Ever since the iphone we have seen a tremendous rise in spending.

Now the question is can we compare it to another company in the same space doing a similar type of spending and see if there is a predictor for future production sales.

What is apple's spending, and how does it compare to samsung for example?

I can show you the history.

Some song is currently apple's strongest competitor.

If we go back to when the iphone was introduced, apple was only spending about 100 million a quarter.

As you can see, although there has been a huge acceleration in samsung spending, apple has gone up as well.

In september 2012 they very nearly matched samsung.

There is certainly a correlation between both companies and what they are actually shipping into the markets.

Apple spending has come down.

The company predicts in the next year they are going to increase that spending from 8 billion in the last fiscal year to over 10 billion next year.

It looks like samsung has gone up.

That's exactly the way you want to do this.

Apple has gone from one cluster to another.

You can see they're spending has been above google and microsoft.

Google and microsoft were not in the device business until recently.

We do see a rise in microsoft and google.

They are starting to pop more into manufacturing.

What about advertising spending.

Samsung has been getting a lot of attention for its ads.

The next ring wing is already here -- the next big thing is already here.

How does it compare?

We can look at the history.

In 2009, samsung was a large spender.

They have that business.

They were certainly one of the larger pc makers.

They are a little less than samsung.

If we go forward, there was rising spending amongst all the players.

The largest growth was from samsung, which accelerated to where they are spending more than coca-cola on ads.

This is a phenomenon that is visible worldwide.

Horace, really interesting

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