The New York Sports Scene Meets High-End Dining

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Sept. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Matt Shendell, president of Paige Hospitality, and Brian Mazza, vice president, discuss the keys to combining fine dining with sports. They speak with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Overview of the current restaurant empire that you are overseeing and why did you take this over in the meatpacking district?

You have a tough act to follow.

The current state of paige, we operate from las vegas to southampton.

We have the original in ames worth.

We have one on 18th and parked.

We have the fulton.

We have one in las vegas which is the hard rock.

We have the chester.

We also have a custom clothing company.

That is an amenity to what we do.

Where did you get the idea that you were going to combine this idea of sports bars with upscale dining?

Well, the competition is brutal out there in new york and for years, sports bars did not have good food.

We wanted to step up our culinary game.

We could not have found a better home.

This is supposed to be the hottest real estate in the world.

We are in the best quarter in new york city.

It was a no-brainer for us and we had the opportunity to get into the hotel.

Hopefully, we have the perfect product.

That kind of customer base are you looking for?

Our custom-made brace is 25- 45. it does not look at a weekend as a weekend.

We don't want to get too big.

In this game, you have to stand top of everything you.

Consistency is the key.

Making sure every customer experience is the same.

We want to focus on the chester.

The chester, can you describe the interior?

How did you come up with the idea?

When we were sitting down, we took all elements from all of the restaurants throughout the world that we love.

We want to put a rustic feel into the space you are missing and we want to make it open to everybody, not just guys in suits dining.

We wanted families to come in and eat.

He wanted happy hour, we wanted runge, we wanted right fist.

-- we wanted brunch, we wanted breakfast.

Tell us what will entice people.

We have amazing sea bass skewer, we have fried chicken, we have amazing satelliteslads.

It will be an amazing open restaurant.

Some of the other venues you have described, what have you learned from opening no set your able to describe -- learned from opening those that you're able to apply?

People, if they don't open right, they don't open at all.

With the chester, we took the time to perfect the food.

We had been doing dry openings and test runs for about six weeks.

The other openings had a lot more bang.

We opened up the right way.


Thank you.

The staff is on point.

The food is great.

We want to make sure that everything is perfect.

How did you come together?

We owned and operated a nightclub in southhampton.

Brian was brought in by someone and he became the front man for the whole show and then he became my right-hand man and my partner.

That was in 2007. and you are still talking to each other?

Only on the show.

The challenge with the changing taste of that consumers have.

How will this work?

We like to say this would be more of an american eatery and bar infused with a little bit of sports.

New york is causally changing, the world is causally changing.

We lead by sample by staying fresh.

People always talk about the cost of going out to eat.

What will the price points be?

Each dish varies.

We are in the heart of the meatpacking, so the demand isn't there.

As long as our daughter is great and consistent, people will be coming.

-- as long as our products are great and consistent, people will be coming.

In our business, they say nine out of 10 fail.

You have to be consistent.

It is hospitality first.

Make sure customers have a good time.

It is being hands on, problems.

Everyone makes mistakes in any business that we make sure that people are happy.

How about raising money to do this?

This must cost a fortune.

We have a mixture of company money, private investors.

We really specialize in making things look good for not that much money.

That is the key right now, especially with the economy.

A lot of people spend too much on cap next in getting their place open.

-- a lot of people spend too much on capex.

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