The New Samsung S5: It’s Loaded With Freebies

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April 11 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde shows you the new Samsung Galaxy S5 which hits store shelves today around the world and comes with $600 worth of free applications. She speaks to Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

In berlin.

Samsung's latest set of devices hits the shops today, the samsung galaxy s5 and the gear, available in stores today.

Caroline hyde is here with the details.

Is it doing enough to remain number one in smartphones?

I have some toys to show you what is coming.

125 countries is where this goes on sale, the samsung, the galaxy s5. they have tried very hard.

People left criticized the design of their phone.

But look what you get, a fingerprint and heart rate sensor.

The there is also the fingerprint technology on the 5s. i was speaking with a tech investor and the swipe of the fingerprint.

That means it's probably taking more data than the iphone five s , therefore possibly safer and should be able to do online payments.

It may be a little harder to work but it may be safer.

Bigger screen, more battery, water resistance.

How far?

A meter, three feet, 30 minutes.

But not enough.

They feel this is not revolutionary enough.

That was the criticism about the phone.

They are offering $600 of free applications, paypal bachelor, linkedin premium, at least four fitness apps.

It is trying desperately, still way out in front.

It has sold twice as many.

Double what apple did last year.

It is still the leader, but it is worried about the cheaper models coming on, the new kids on the block, and the apple iphone, very competitive.

The question is can they hold on to that.

And this is the gear.

This is the galaxy gear ii neo, the cheaper version.

I played with these.

I saw them unveiled this year when they were first launch, the first version.

The first version had a lot of criticism.

800,000 shipped in the first months, but you go to ebay, check how many are currently available, the original galaxy gear are available for knockoff prices because people don't know what to do with them.

The problem is you need to be in the samsung ecosystem, you need a smart phone, tablet to be able to match these, mary these with.

Clearly they are trying to fight back.

They have unveiled new versions of the galaxy gear, a lot prettier, better looking, better functionality.

Also a cheaper version, the neo, and the gear fit.

This seems to be the year four fitness bracelets, whatever you want them to be a, you have the fit it, the nike fuel band, a lot of competition.

Samsung is offering the gear fit, very good-looking.

And you can check messages from your phone, you can send responses to phone calls.

I think the key competitor is going to be the lg life band, which you can marry within apple or android.

Again, this only goes with the samsung portfolio, so that is a key concern, $200.

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