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Jan. 9 (Bloomberg) –- Deltaprintr Co-Founders Shai Schechter and Andrey Kovalev discuss how they created an affordable 3D printer at their school with Koplovitz & Co. Chairman & CEO Kay Koplovitz and Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

I want you to start off by just describing what you are holding in your hand and how you made it.

This is a 3-d printed hunter head.

Our printer extruded plastic.

You can see there is a hexagon shaped over here.

It extruded it out and we created the object.

This is approximately two dollars of plastic i wait.

You buy a pla school and put it into the printer and it prints.

How did you get into this?

I have been tinkering with stuff since a young age.

I read that you took apart everything that you could.

Yeah, and if i couldn't put it back together my mom would have to buy a new appliance, unfortunately.

We got into this when i found out that my school had a powder- based printer that was really expensive.

I said, why don't we make one of these and assemble it.

It will be a lot cheaper to print him one of these plastic printers than a powder-based printer.

We submitted a grant and we got it and we built one.

Since then, we realized there was potential for this.

In educational institutions.

We pursued the idea to make affordable 3-d printing.

What do you think about this?

I'm a big proponent of 3-d printing in a lot of different areas, not only for home use, which i think is what you are looking for, something very affordable in the home.

Just like your paper printer in the home.

It will be affordable like that.

I'm also a big proponent of 3-d printing of human organs, which is coming to the marketplace.

We already use it for industrial.

Parts on submarines, aircraft, and all kinds of big industrials.

Now it has moved to the consumer market.

It has been on the market for a long time.

One of our companies that spring boarded is geo magic.

It was one of the early companies in 3-d company -- 3-d printing.

I have been following 3-d printing for quite some time.

I think the reason it is bursting onto the market right now is because it is becoming a consumer product.

You are getting the price point down.

That was one of the main goals of the kick starter.

In putting this all together, there is obviously competition.

How did you get the price down so much?

Basically, we did -- we tried to simplify the printer.

We took away all of the non- necessary parts.

We put together only what a 3-d printer should have and that is it.

It is just the basic super component, and that is all.

There is also an artistic element in this.

I noticed that sculpture is a big part of what you do.

Yes, it originally started with sculpture.

We wanted to to make it from casting, from bronze pieces.

If you are a mechanical designer and you are trying to make prototypes, anybody can use it.

Have you used it to make any of the appliances you took apart?

We actually designed a printer using another printer.

These things can replicate each other.

You can print the parts for new 3-d printers.

That is what we did when we designed this printer.

What kinds of things would you like to make with this?

For me personally, this summer, i was working on an invention in my school and i have to make a plastic prototype.

I cannot disclose that information, but i made the prototype on this printer and i got to use it and test it out and keep working on it and proving it and continue making it.

And improving the design.

What about raising the money on kick starter and what is next for the company?

We launched on kick starter and had 2000 subscribers before we launched.

We had a fan base waiting.

I was just looking at the numbers and saying, no way this is happening.

We sold 100 kits in two days.

We raised about $100,000 in two days.

We had to see where it went and we surpassed our goal of $195,000. we realize that it had

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