The New $8,000 Ultra HD 4K TV That Moves Toward You

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May 8 (Bloomberg) -- Bang & Olufsen's Kathy Thornton-Bias discusses the cutting-edge 55-inch BeoVision Avant 4K ultra high-def television and the company's design philosophy with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

I have to ask, what is 4k television?

It is important for bang & olufsen to keep up with all of the new technology.

Many people keep television 6-7 years so imagine if you were to install a new tv and it was obsolete.

So our answer to that is using software to roll out to our customers so when new technologies arise it allows you to be as cutting-edge as the technology will allow.

Ultrahigh definition is something customers are coming to demand from their television.

4k is ultrahigh deaf.

You feel like your hand can almost pierce the screen?

It is a cinematic experience.

It would be like in the theater and having the images actually come to life on the screen.

Bang & olufsen is known for its sound quality and they have this amazing acoustic sound television.

So in essence the tv is like a naughty a system for your home.

-- entertainment system for your home.

What about the idea that tv can find you in the room?

Bang & olufsen have a long history of iconic design.

What we have always felt is the television should not overpower the room.

It should be a part of the room that comes alive when you are ready to use it.

Those are the principles we use.

When you turn it on, the television actually moves.

The speakers come down.

The curtain actually unfolds on the tv and it presents itself to you almost as if it is ready to take center stage.

When you turn it off, it goes back.

So it does not take over the space and presents itself when you need it and falls back when you do not.

What does this run?

In the u.s. it is $7,900. which is a sharp price point for bang & olufsen and will let this reach a new generation of customers.

And the design is the big thing.

The way it looks as much as how it sounds.


They should work together.

You do not want design that does not have good function and you do not want function without good design.

A television that follows you

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