The Mythbusters Reveal the Secrets Behind Star Wars

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Jan. 3 (Bloomberg) –- Mythbusters Co-Hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman dissect some of your favorite scenes from Star Wars to see if they could really happen with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

You are here today.

"star wars," busing out.

It's popular culture.

Belly of the beast of nerdom.

Have you seen "star wars"? i think once.

What's wrong with the movie?

What is inaccurate?

We aren't going to spoil our results just yet.

Biggest thing we tackled, in the movie, "empire strikes back," luke is stranded and han has to get an ice shelter built and he places luke inside and says this will keep you warm.

We figured out, even thone tom-toms are fix shonal.

Is it the right call.

Storm troopers.

Is that really possible?

Could he have done that?

I got to swing with bush on a cable.

Sounds like a tough job.

She was great.

It isn't quite as easy as one might think.


How do you protect yourself?

We do our homework like everything on the show.

We hired professionals to make sure we were properly rigged and had it all set up and actually quite thrilling.

You guys have footage from "star wars." did you talk to them?

We needed permission number one from lucas film.

And i reached out to them and they were very gracious in giving that permission.

John, who is one of the creative directors is a friend of mine and i have a large collection of "star wars" costumes.

It probably helped that you were a fan.

Does george lucas, what does he think?

I got word that stephen spielberg loved it when we built every myth from joe jaws." he will be quite pleased.

What about other movies like "gravity." it's such a thrilling movie like could that have happened?

It's our stock and trade to test those things.

When you are talking about science fiction plan et cetera and physics and tons-tons.

What missed the bus?

The questions were interested in answering.

It's a narrative of our own curiosity.

And the ones we get the most excited about are the ones we shoot.

A lot of experimentation go into this?

What ultimately ends up on the show?

Sometimes it doesn't work out and maybe it's not a myth.

For us, it's all about process and sometimes it involves failure and experimentation.

The most fun we had was trying to invent ton-ton guts and luke had to stay warm on the planet.

And inventing things like that is quite challenging and interesting.

All about that process and if we fail, we are good with that.

If you ask what kind of experiments we do, we do it on camera.

Everything you see happen it's us figuring out what is going to happen.

We come to a result that we didn't expect and changed the narrative so we can tackle the actual result.

This is a technology-business show and there are a lot of tech people with very big dreams and you heard about the c.e.o. from amazon and delivering packages to your doorstep, is that something that can ever happen?


I order 10 things on amazon every day.

Is that coming drone?

It totally could happen.

I don't think it's going to happen tomorrow or next year, but it something like that is feasible.

The technology is definitely there.

They can do it.

It gets down to whether it is practical or not.

And as technology advances and mass production, it does become more practical.

What about the hyper loop?

Fast transportation between san francisco and l.a. in a half an hour in a coffin-like device.

The idea of a super-fast transport dovetails with an episode we did recently about making a ping pong ball go past the speed of sound.

We are using the ping pong balls.

And we made them lethal.

What about space?

I don't know if it's going to happen in his lifetime.

But someday?

Every generation of humans has pushed its best and brightest.

We have been doing that.

I don't see any reason we aren't going to do it moving forward.

Whether we end up with hundreds of thousands of millions of people populating mars, the attempt itself is worth it, because look at the invention and products that has been integrated in our life to put us on the moon and other things.

It's often not the most important thing being what you're looking for, but sometimes the things that you didn't know you found along the way.

What's the myth you would love to bust you haven't busted yet?

If time and money were no obstacle, there are some people who believe we did not land on the moon and we call them idiots.

We would like to go to the moon and picking up a piece of apollo hardware and demonstrate that man was there.

Bust your own myth.

In a rocketship that we built.

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