Gavin Newsom: `Yes, I Want to Be Governor'

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August 6 (Bloomberg) -- Here On Biz CEO Nick Smoot and California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom explain how the new "Here On Biz" app works to Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Nick, i will start with you.


tell me how this is different from the linkedin or others.


I would say one of the big thing is that it gives an opportunity to meet for coffee, 45 minutes together and the aspect of your whole network and all of your contacts and interacting with them as well.

It is location aware.

We see companies like foursquare highlight the locations.

Not everyone wants everyone to know where they are.

You are talking about one person.

Everyone does know where i am all of the time.

For me i am looking for different ways.

At the end of the day in your public life you have this filter of special interests, staffing the way things have been done that determine the pecking order of how you spend time with people and schedule your day.

The opportunity to connect with a different network that exists within a former infrastructure of politics is a wonderful thing.

That isy got excited about this . you have to apply to get time with you.

How do you decide who wins?

I am about to find out.

The menu and you open it up.

Whoever the influence of the month is.

You click on that person and it will pull up their bioand can request an invite.

That makes us aware they want to have cougho the date listed and the influencer a week before will see what they do for a job and data about them and it would be fun to meet with them.

Are are i want to underscore this point.

I moved out of the state building, the california state building eight stories high where there was security on the bottom and usual suspects walking the hall.

I said i am not going to learn anything new.

That is an old industrial model.

Government is on a collision course with the future in terms of how to approach their day-to-day life.

I moved into a space with 40 start-ups in an atmosphere not dissimilar to this.

The opportunity to network with people outside of those traditional networks is profoundly important for me and other elected officials that get caught up in inside the beltway thinking in the federal, state and local government.

You are lending influence to other projects as well.

Tell me about the work you are doing with flip thrth board and why?

I remember years ago when they knocked on my store and i said these two and they had something called twitter.

Mayor of san francisco i decided to lean in to that.

Over a million followers as a consequence of being there early on.

I have always been willing to try new things.

Flipboard is making visible -- the biggest challenge is the design orientation.

I love magazines.

I love magazines.

You get lost.

You get lost in it.

Flipboard is taking that application and the ease to which the intuitive nature.

You can design your own magazine.

I launched four magazines on flipboard on areas of interest.

It is a whole other level of engagement they think is exciting.

Now i understand you wrapped up a two-week stint as acting governor.

I thought the state went perfectly.

Anything you would like to do differently?

We have to move away from top-down thinking, command and control to a decentralized model of governorance.

It is all about network thinking.

I think the opportunity to connect with people like nick and the work done in the private sector.

It is alive and well.

And contrast that to what can be the flintstones that exist in the technological area of 1973 in government and the top down bureaucratic model, that is what i want to flip upside down.

I feel government is on the collision course.

We are running out of gas.

It is another indication if you needed one.

Music industry is leveled by technology.

Government is holding on to the way things are done.

If there is a cultural shift it is from an outside-in and not an inside-out.

Do you want the job full time?

I hate the politicians -- but yes, i do.

It does not mean i am overly anxious and ambitious but i think the governor is doing a great job and will be reelected.

You are still trying to figure out what a lieutenant governor does.

I make fun of that.

I have fun at my own expense in that respect.

This is long-standing, the joke is all they do is wake up, and hope that perhaps the governor has moved on.

That is a horrible thing and i don't subscribe to that point of view.

But i want to make it meaning ful and more purposeful and

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