The Most Popular Commercials of Super Bowl XLVIII

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Jan. 31 (Bloomberg) –- YouTube Trends Analyst Kate Mason discusses the Super Bowl commercials and why they’re released on YouTube before the game. She speaks to Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Why, if it costs $4 million for a 30 second spot on television, with a put the commercial up a week early?

It used to be the next day, water cool conversation -- watercooler conversation included the ads.

Now, there is one -- there is a way to get people excited and engaged in the content, extending the conversation before the game.

Some of these are actual commercials.

Advertisers are realizing there is value, different strategies online, getting people excited for the big day.

How do viewership numbers of the super bowl compared to the numbers on youtube?

As of today, the videos have gotten 105 million views.

As of today last year, videos on youtube before the super bowl only had 34 million.

That compares to 110 million views for the super bowl on television.

So not bad.

You are doubling viewership.

You are doing well.

Let us talk about the top three.

Number one, my favorite.

Take a listen.

? you let her go you let her home -- lead her home when you let her go ? i guess with a little golden retriever puppy, you cannot lose.

Or labrador puppy, whatever that is.

They only put that add up two days ago but are up 24 million days -- million views.

The song was a breakout on youtube as well.

They really understood their audience.

There was the hyundai commercial, number two.

Number three, scarlett johansson.

What is interesting is how early some of these brands have gotten online.

Doritos has been doing a campaign since november last year, getting an early, with lots of different fan-made ads.

A lot of consumer goods started taking a bit of a leaf out of the automotive playbook, looking content on early.

It is something car commercials were doing first.

Ask folks like and did a super commercial.

I think it is a teaser.

-- volkswagen did a super commercial.

It is all in one.

We do not know what they are going to come out with.

They still have one of the most memorable super bowl commercials in the last few years, in my opinion, with the little kid who could control the volkswagen.

Stickiness creates great ads.

The fact that we are talking about that years later shows that a digital strategy works well.

You can share it with your friends.

The actual commercial will be something different on sunday?

We have to wait and see.

We will be watching.

Always great to have you here.

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