The Most Notable CEO Change of 2013 Hasn't Happened

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Dec. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Matt Miller reports on 2013's top management shakeups on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Microsoft, and gm, jcpenney, groupon.

Matt miller is here.

Your number one pick for the transition that stuck out in your mind?

The one that stuck out the most is one that has not happened yet.

Microsoft ceo steve ballmer has said he will step down by august of next year.

He wants to have a replacement and leave.

There have been a number of names bandied about.

Alan mulally.

There is really only one name, right?

I cover cars closely, and alan mulally is someone with whom i spend a lot of time because of that, and he has been touted as the number one pick for microsoft.

Culturally, it is a good fit.

He is from seattle.

Steve ballmer actually wrote a piece about him in "time magazine" in 2009 saying that he could run any company.

Alan molly is a turnaround came, and that is what -- alan mulally is a turnaround came, -- king, and that is what they need right now.

Has many say, it is really hard for big companies to be innovative.

We look at this with ge and ibm.

Gm names and in-house superstar to take over the position.

Mary there has been named.

She is a superstar.

She is a science and engineering major.

And she started there when she was 18, right?

She started in -- as an intern when she was 18. she knows what she is doing in the world of business, the world of engineering, and she has been dan ackerson's favorite pick.

This is different than microsoft . here is a guy that came into a company and did everything right.

They released 20 new models.

The quality improved.

I have come out of bankruptcy with the help of others including at whitaker.

It has been an amazing turnaround story, and he is now ready to name mary barra the queen of that successful car company.

You and i were talking yesterday, and there is something when you're ceo steps down, and your stock goes up.

To be fair, blackstone was going to invest into crocs, but when a ceo steps down and a major investor says they will put in serious cash, you have to think they are connected.

He is going to stay in the position until april.

He will have been there for larger years.

He came on -- four years.

He came on board in march, 2010. he has done a lot to expand the line of what crocs has to offer, let's face it, they do not have anything to offer besides crocs.

The bag -- the big bet is on asia.

It seems like other regions of the word -- world had yet to buy them.

I have yet to buy them.

I am going to jump into a cab and pick myself up a pair.

I will not hold you back.

Thank you, matt miller.

It is the last trading day of 2013. the s&p 500 gain of 29% was a big surprise.

Even the closest strategists got it wrong.

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