The Most Anticipated Upcoming ETF Launches

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Feb. 21 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Eric Balchunas reports on three of the most anticipated and talked about ETFs in years. He speaks to Matt Miller and Julie Hyman on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Out of the 1000 currently filed that the sec, the most anticipated, controversial will be the winklevoss bitcoin trust.

The worst name.

Wink dex?

It is monica hedge fund for credit investors.

-- it is like a hedge fund.

This is ready for primetime real estate investors.

You have the bitcoin, the etf, and the winklevoss twins.

What they have is an index that brings them a little closer to looking like a real etf that the problems that persist our regulation.

We don't know what it's going to be him know whether etf has that problem.

The other thing is security.

There's a line in the prospectus that says one of the risk is altering the chain and this is language that is very new.

It is not in any prospectus that has ever been written.

What about liquidity, is that a risk?

Market makers are key and some have said they don't know how to get liquidity out of this.

They are key in being the intermediary between the actual bitcoin and the investor.

There are more questions than answers.

What the twins have going for them is a lawyer who started spy and who has worked on many since then.

They have one of the best lawyers.

If anyone can get it done, it's her.

They been working closely with regulators, people with washington.

We know where matt stands on bitcoin.

I went to get some of the others.

That's enough of the winklevi.

Those are two separate issues.

Let's talk about some of the other ones.

The market vector all china etf.

This one says one of the biggest spaces, all of these china shares, a, h, p, n, red chips, there is no total market china etf.

I like this one because it goes into mid and small.

You get all of china and you don't have to worry about what the different shares are.

The best you can do is two etf's together.

This would be a one-shot solution and i think it will be a big blockbuster.

The other is the ibillionaire etf looking at at3-f filings -- at 13-f filings.

It is like guru, the global holdings guru and this is a sliver of that.

People talk about him a lot and it is a way to piggyback off of their investments.

With 13 f you get a little bit of a delay.

Buffett holds his stuff for a long time but not everybody does.

It be the s&p by a lot this year.

34% over the past year.

Abroad and $500 million which is why you will see a lot of copycats coming out.

Where this might struggle is where the market goes down because this is just the equity position of the brilliant minds.

I can point out that we have hands-down the best billionaire coverage of anyone.

Go to if you want fantastic billionaires coverage.

Coffee going crazy, another plug for matthew g. miller.

You have an etf called joe.

It is the coffee etn and it tracks front month futures of off the.

-- futures of coffee.

It kind of shocked everybody.

What you have here is the supply issue in brazil because of the drought and they are by far the biggest producer and people are getting in to speculate on this actually affecting the crop.

You see a graph that looks like a right angle.

It is definitely a worthy ticker of the week and it's a pretty good amount for one of these very niche commodities.

This one is the one that people go to.

That ruined the entire ticker thing for them.

They left off the "e." ticker nerd.

I agree but it's close enough.

Thanks for joining us,

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