The Million Dollar Cars of Christian Von Koenigsegg

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Sept. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Joel Weber reports on the rare, million dollar cars of Christian Von Koenigsegg. He speaks with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)


I know the price tag is special.

What else?

It is up there.

It is performance and craftsmanship.

You think for ari, lamborghini in terms of rarity.

And aircrafts manship is insane, too.

-- and their craftsmanship is insane, too.

All the way down to the bolts.

They have the family crest on them, a six hundred year-old old family crest.

What is the story, the link to the car?

He has been doing this for about 19 years now.

They have about 100 cars in the world.

All of the other supercars out there, there are hundreds and thousands of them.

They want to show off and put everyone else to shame, this is the car you need.

One guy said it is like walking down the street with a supermodel.

Admittedly, supermodels are even more common than this car.

Not to compare people to a machine.

What did you say about the owners -- what can you say about the owners?

They are not all high-profile guys, but car enthusiasts.

It is a car company that is embraced by enthusiasts.

They will take them and raise them on track.

Or they will sometimes get access to private runways are these guys really racers yack -- racers?

They are more hobby years.

I got an amazing tour of the factory and there is something called one to one in the works.

This car will way 1400 kilograms and have 1400 horsepower, which is an insane amount of power.

Basically, you are going to go back and follow up on the story for journalistic purposes.


It was great to see you.

Joel webber joining me there,

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