How to Turn Your iPad Into a Productivity Tool

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June 9 (Bloomberg) -- Zagg CEO Randy Hales talks to Bloomberg's Pimm Fox about the business of mobile accessories and what to expect as technology evolves in the mobile scene. (Source: Bloomberg)

It is a big business.

Tell us about the scale, and the items you ship.

It is an exploding category.

We like to talk about it as tech accessories.

Anything that will hands the users.

With mobile computing.

Let's talk about the keyboard which caught my eye.

This attaches to an ipad mini.

Describe a little bit about it.

It is probably the same product i use on a daily basis.

What we saw when tablets were first introduced was they worry purchased for content consumption.

And now, with the advent of software packages, with ever note, microsoft office 365, they have now become productivity tools.

To really access a productivity tool you need a keyboard.

This has some special features.

It has magnets that are embedded in it.

Tells about how it works.

The idea behind the magnets is that it allows it to attach to your keyboard when you want to use it for productivity, but also separated when you're using for content consumption so you do not take away anything got from their tablets early on but allow them a lot more productivity when they are connected.

Does this keyboard necessarily need to be charged?

Currently the battery life on a typical tablet keyboard will run about 2-4 months.

We are introducing technology at the end of this month where you only have to charge it once every two years.

This as protective as well is functional.

It really needs to because they are portable all the time.

They take a lot of abuse.

Great battery technology, bury very efficient chipsets.

Also decided to expand the range of zagg products.

We are introducing a full series of tablet keyboards.

We offer the number one selling one for the ipad air and also the ipad mini.

It is a very traditional setup, it wrongs in office -- belongs in an office.

In the next couple of weeks we are introducing the first rugged keyboard for on the go use.

You may be sitting in on some of our r&d meetings, but a very flexible web form is something we will introduce extra fall.

We can respond quickly to the market.

Thank you for joining us.

Coming up, lots of folks collect

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