The Man Who Blocked the AMR-US Airways Merger

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Aug. 16 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Phil Mattingly discusses Antitrust Assistant Attorney General Bill Baer’s role in the merger with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television’s “Bottom Line.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The relatively new chief of the justice department's antitrust division is the man who is getting and deserves the credit in this case.

It is the latest aggressive mood -- move in a short tenure.

They sued over the purchase of modelo.

He also won a lawsuit against apple inc.

Over price-fixing.

In that city recently proposed a series of remedies that would entail mass changes to the e- book market.

They think it will get a close look.

Those who know him say they are not surprised by his aggressive actions.

As director of the federal trade commission's competition bureau, he looked to shape mergers.

In 1997, he took a risky move to block the office depot merger with staples.

He is respected for his work in the government and his work in private practice, serving as the head of an antitrust group.

He was named one of the most interim -- influential journals -- he was named one of the most influential lawyers.

If and when the case goes to court, they will win.

There is a good chance that this represents an opening salvo in negotiations.

The bottom line now pierce to be that what was once considered a formal process to create the largest u.s. airway got difficult.

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