Meet the Man Behind Times Square's New Year's Bash

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Dec. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Tim Tompkins, president of the Times Square Alliance, discusses preparations for the New Year's Eve celebrations. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Spiderman, and a ton of confetti, some of it even here.

There's going to be a big crystal ball.

Turning now is the try -- times square alliance president tim tompkins.

If not getting any confetti on you.

You're a veteran time square ball dropping aficionado.

I get paid to throw confetti.

How many times have you been at a ball drop?

11 times.

Over the course of those years, what have you seen change in the way it's organized?

The crowds have been bigger and bigger, and we gone from not having webcast to six hours of live entertainment.

Because of the way time square used to be, they were afraid to even play music -- recorded music because they thought the crowd to get out of control.

Now there are six hours of live entertainment.

Anything from miley cyrus to etheridge, i whole range of people.

? the ball drop.

This goes back to 1937? 1907. it was 25 watt incandescent lightbulbs, and that we have 32,000 philips led two and we water for crystal that makes it beautiful.

It is a mix of old and new innovation and cutting-edge technology.

One thing he was sent to deal with is the planning that goes through all of this.

There must be a lot of different pieces to make this thing go smoothly.

There are hundreds of people that are working tomorrow night.

A work all year round on this, and there are a lot of people working a long time on this.

It what happens to the ball after it is dropped?

It stays up on the pole all year round to be a beacon for people all year round.

The ball drop is just a part of this their marty.

We have a supreme court justice that is going to be there.

It is always a tradition to have an honored guest there, and we are honored to have her.

She writes in her biography that dreams give us the will and aspiration to be bigger and better.

Having a guest like her, new yorker, bronx bred, been through some tough things, but has kept going, that is what new year's is about.

What opposite dirty for the whole event -- what about security for the whole event?

We have the nypd, they are the best security force in the world.

You expect a million people?

A million people in and around time square.

Over a billion people watching worldwide, and 150 million americans.

Various amounts of colored confetti, to give us an idea of the confetti that rained down, do you cut it all yourself?

I do not.

It is about a ton of confetti, so it is quite a bit.

It is about celebrating the people we want -- we love and the good things in life.

No matter how crazy the world is.

Take back -- look back and take stock, and look forward and see all things new.

It is all technology at this point.

It used to be handshakenm.

How did you get to be the head of the times square alliance?

I used to work in city government, and did a lot of stuff related to cities.

Time square is this representation of what people love and hate a better -- about america.

And so we take care of it.

You have a resolution for 2014? i would like to be more patient, and your coworker is not into resolutions, but having a plan to look forward.

Everybody does it in their own way, but it is just about taking a pause, looking at where we have been, and see where we want to be.

Where are you going to be tomorrow evening?

I will be out on the stage with the justice.

That will be a real honor for me personally, and when the confetti falls, and a lot of them have wishes on them.

You will grab aps and it will have a wish -- a piece and you can type in a wish that will be printed out on a piece of confetti and it will be dropped at midnight.

Can you watch the ball actually drop on your smartphone?

You can.

That is why the audience has been growing so much.

You can type in time square new year's eve, and you can find one of these apps and watch it on your mobile device.

These restaurants that have been changing their prices because there's a huge demand for this.

Is this something that just last for a day?

It is basic supply and demand amount like the hotel rises that go up when the lyrics come -- olympics come.

People pay a premium to be near that, to be near the energy and

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