The Locator App That Keeps Your Family Safe

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June 6 (Bloomberg) -- Chris Hulls, co-founder and CEO of Life360, explains how Hurricane Katrina prompted him to create the family locator app. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Communicate with them, receive alerts when they arrived at certain places such as home or school.

Chris holds -- chris hulls develop it and he joins us from san francisco.

Great to have you with us.

Give us a bit of background having to do with hurricane katrina and that prompted you to create life360. after katrina, the government was talking about using technology to help families reconnect after emergencies.

A disaster happens, people cannot make phone calls or text messages and families were broken.

I thought that the smartphone is coming out.

How about using applications to make it easier?

You can share your location with the phone.

That was the initial inspiration.

We got money from google to build the prototype.

We quickly realize that this could be something much bigger than just disasters.

This could be a way to have the family network.

They can turn into huge businesses.

Facebook won the social network.

$100 billion company.

No one had won the family and we got this could be the solution.

Adt sees the solution in this and adding $50 million through a strategic partnership.

Tell us about your relationship.

Adt saw that mobile is the future and a core unit for a service like adt is not the home, but the family.

If you can imagine your family being tied to life360, it is powerful.

You think about security.

It is a product you don't really use and can connect with it.

Lot of people do not arm their system and cancel it.

Imagine you are connected to life360 and it allows you to know if your family is home.

Instead of arming your system, you will assume that, through the ownership, the doors will automatically lock and the heat turned down without having to do anything while leaving the house.

It is taking a security product and bringing it into the mobile generation.

In addition to the partnership with adt, they are talking about automobiles and mobile transport.

Bmw has a relationship with you.

Explain that.

Life360 is not just about the phone.

It is about being the hub for your family.

We are using it to get your network on a shared service.

This opens up other opportunities.

Adt wants her home to know where your family is.

Bmw once your car to know where your family is.

Think about the very standard problem families face.

Where is the soccer game this weekend?

Say you forgot where i was and the wife is already there.

Today you have to call her, get the address, fire up the nav system, put in the address.

With this, you can push a button on the bmw and say, drive to my wife.

There are a lot of competing message applications for example.

You have whatsapp, the the message at the comes with your mobile phone, and you have -- apple has its own message system.

How you unify all of these so you don't end up getting stuck in network traffic?

We don't like seeing ourselves as a messaging product.

We are a family product.

Every feature we build is tying back into the concept of needing an online hub for your family and the features you use for a very small group of people are different from what you need for one you use with everyone.

Life360 will notify you every time your kid gets to school, every time your husband or partner leaves the office.

Our users are getting hundreds

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