The Impact of Steroids on Sports

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July 26 (Bloomberg) -- Odgers Berndtson's Andy Dolich and Olympic Gold Medalist Dan O'Brien discuss steroid use with Carol Massar on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Lennay kekua off with you.

Have a office positions per the nfl.

How rampant is stereo and -- steroid use?

It is not rampant.

It is there.

The on levels the playing field.

The players are basically -- there is a peer pressure to read out the cheaters.

There is no level of cheating that should be allowed.

The american french historian shock boars and said if you want to know about the hearts and minds of americans, learn baseball.

Over the decades, whether it is women or booze, whether it is cocaine, marijuana, institutional stupidity, baseball has succeeded.

In the steroid era, which is not quite over, the attendance has skyrocketed.

Fans are the judge, the jury, and at some level the executioner.

Fans like to see players do well and break records.

Have fans been feeding this frenzy?

To a certain extent.

It is like the restaurant business.

If nobody goes to your restaurant, you are out of business.

If you look at the attendance levels a lot of sports, is fueled the legally by performance-enhancing drugs.

Fans are still showing up.

That gets the whole institution.

There is so in -- some institutional blindness in terms of what is happening pre- no one is more in stock -- disappointed in the fans when they see them on these lists.

They want home runs.

They want great performances.

The same time, they are two- faced and the fact that they will route you down.

-- root you down.

That is why labella exports.

In the minds of olympic athletes, as opposed to a mainstream sport, the idea was that everybody looked the other way in the nfl.

In baseball, there were such a great -- great area.

There is a very standard line.

This is legal, this is not.

Such a long time, that line was clear as day.

Now it is not.

Athletes are doing things.

Ped use has always been there.

No one has made any excuses for.

In the olympics, if you cheat, it is the death penalty.

You are finished after a certain time.

A lot of other sports do not do this again, here is the penalty, here is a hundred 50 game penalty.

In all of exports, you are done.

When somebody gets caught, i am happy because i know our drug testing procedures are working.

Unfortunately, you're creating a society where we think the person next to us might be cheating.

What can we do to get a leg up?

A lot of athletes do not think about that.

We see sprinters and throwers, they are the ones who test positive for these drugs.

Outside of those events, and a lot of people believe that the is clean.

You are a respected athlete.

1996 olympic decathlon gold medalist.

Hold the record in decathlon that stayed until 2012. what was it like in your career?

Were the times people pressured you?

I only saw a couple of times.

I was lucky enough to get to coaches that would not have coach me if i'd used drugs.

Did you tell them?


this is so private.

At the time, i read making the decision and thinking i was making the right decision.

I cannot lay in bed at night with the world record thinking that i did that with performance enhancing drugs.

Are out there?


That was just something that i never thought was going on.

Is it not even a part of professional sports question my no.

-- julie gateway part or this is not part of sports?

The fans of the ultimate arbiters.

If fans that we are not enough, if it is the athletes saying this is the standard, and we not want to turn our heads, then possibly we can eradicate it.

What you think is going to happen with the charges that are out there?

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